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Microsoft Plots Teams Advanced Communications Discount

Microsoft plans to include free audio conferencing with Teams along with a 35% discount off its new Advanced Communications option. Scott Gode, chief product marketing officer of managed service provider Unify Square said that Microsoft will apply a ‘freemium’ type offer to help get both net-new customers as well as a larger percentage of total users within current customers to use Teams. Customers win by receiving short-term cost savings to help out with current budgeting pressures, Gode added.


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Collaboration Security: Balancing Risk in the New World of UCaaS

Acknowledge the Collaboration Security Challenge. Collaboration security and governance are highlighted in industry reports as a top IT concern. Almost 90% of IT professionals view insider threats as a dangerous and growing concern. And yet the general response to that statistic is conflicting. As IT budgets and priorities focus on collaboration platform licensing and end-user transformation, not enough focus is given to the security and governance of those same platforms. 


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Digital workspace: how to implement an employee-centric environment

Unify Square in collaboration with Osterman Research conducted another survey on millennials ‘ habits in using Unified Communications platforms. The survey showed that the propensity of Generation Y to use unsecured applications than those which were approved by the IT department. The reason comes from the fact that the company’s legacy systems are often less agile and they don`t collaborate with the tools preferred by end-users.


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UC management key to platform performance, cost savings

Organizations that want to maximize their UC deployments should invest in specialty UC management tools that provide greater insight into performance and security.

Most companies rely on the management tools included in their UC platforms, which have some significant limitations. To address these challenges, several third-party vendors (Unify Square, Empirix, IR, Martello, Nectar, Oracle) offer specialty performance management or administrative tools to optimize UC management.


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Dropbox for digital business leaders: let employees choose

As collaboration tools become more popular, employees choose to use unsecured apps to be more productive.

Research from Unify Square found that millennial workers are more likely to use unapproved collaboration apps for workplace collaboration than other generations. Nearly a third (28%) of millennials surveyed reported using unapproved apps two or four times a week.  Wouldn’t it be better to give them the right tools in the first place?


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Yealink T56A Teams Phone Review

A Dedicated Solution for Microsoft Teams

The Microsoft Teams certified T56A phone from Yealink is perfect for modern office workers. Offering an all-in-one environment for communication, productivity, and collaboration, this device enhances the Microsoft Teams experience with world-leading SIP technology from Yealink. One of the main benefits of T56A Teams Phone is support for various device platforms: Aside from Microsoft Teams integrations, the T56A phone also supports various device management platforms. This includes access to Unify Square, Yealink, and Microsoft solutions.


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UC Service Management Round Table 2020

Chief Product Marketing Officer of Unify Square, Scott Gode, acknowledged the shift to working from home as a major challenge.

The sudden move to the remote landscape has accelerate the shift to cloud transformations. IT teams are struggling to migrate systems while delivering the user support that employees and end-users need. Another challenge is the rise of a hybrid balancing act. As IT starts to stabilize work from home strategies, the return to the office is beginning too.


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How to effectively manage your IT team working from home

Nearly 43% of IT staffs do a remote or on-site assessment of home Wi-Fi to make sure all router settings are optimized and to determine whether the signal is strong enough to reach the employee’s home office. About one-third also help employees select the best ISP plan and more than one-third are regularly monitoring voice and video quality by using management tools such as those from Oracle, Unify Square, Voss and Vyopta, among others.


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UC Today Trending News Round Up

We’re officially halfway through the year!

Service Management is July’s monthly focus, sponsored by Unify Square. It’s software and services optimize and enhance the world’s largest collaboration and communication deployments, helping businesses manage and secure their meetings, messages, and calls. Unify Square’s PowerSuite™ software creates a unified dashboard to surface actionable insights and help manage collaboration and communications platforms – optimizing and transforming performance health and user effectiveness.


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Microsoft Teams Together Mode Gets Release Date, Stares Down Zoom

New Microsoft Teams features, including “Together Mode,” set to roll out soon, will potentially eliminate the status quo and fatigue of online video meetings.

Together Mode and other new Microsoft Teams features will stand out against Zoom, which has become a default choice for many businesses and consumers alike during COVID -19. Scott Gode, CMO at Unify Square says ‘ The pandemic has created an “arms race’ between Microsoft and Zoom, and with Microsoft’s latest set of announcements, I think they’re going to do the leapfrogging in this arms race. It is clear they’ve thought through how people are using the product or how they want to use it.’


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Video Conferencing Security Tips You May Have Overlooked

During the increase in the use of video conferencing applications businesses often overlook security and privacy risks.

Concerns surrounding productivity in a time of unprecedented crisis drove many organizations to quickly embrace video conferencing technology. In so doing, some organizations might have neglected to take the security of video conferencing apps into account. The article names two categories of the security and privacy risks associated with video conferencing applications and tells you how to mitigate them. 


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Managing the Return to Work Process

Unify Square identify solutions to problematic return to work scenarios

The easing of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions in many regions across the globe is seeing the opening up of businesses that have been closed or functioning via a significant number of employees working remotely are facing many issues surrounding their return to the office. Alan Shen, Vice President of Consulting Services at Unify Square, says many of these problems are related to the solutions they have been using at home.


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The Looming Zoom vs. Teams UcaaS Phone Battle

Both can’t wait to be king of the enterprise. Take these crucial considerations into account when choosing the right provider for your organization.

As organizations continue to replace old systems with new, scalable cloud services and software as a service (SaaS) solutions, the next collaboration trend on the horizon is the growing demand for cloud phone services. The report Provided by Unify Square analyzes the unique benefits and drawbacks of Zoom Phone and phone systems for Microsoft Teams.


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How data from APM tools helps businesses improve CX

Businesses have many options when it comes to analyzing customer experiences. APM tools can help contact center leaders improve agent experience, as well as CX.

When the contact center platforms and associated apps perform optimally, interactions between agents and customers stay on course. Choppy voice, video or screen sharing frustrates customers and can negate the purpose of conducting a live transaction.


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How to Meet, Share, Chat & Be Safe at Home and at Scale

How to choose between different collaboration platforms: Zoom vs. Teams, Slack vs. Skype.

When Seattle-based Unify Square published the Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Workstream Collaboration, the newly-minted concept and its unifying principles signaled the start of a new era in workplace communication.


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Collaboration Security Considerations in a Time of Crisis

There’s an old saying that if you’re not paying for something, then you’re the product being sold.

Today far fewer consumer users really grasp the impact of behavioural data and how that is monetised, even though the expectation nowadays is that things will mostly be free at the point of use — driving similar expectations in enterprise SaaS.


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Unify Square News

CompTIA offers free e-learning to test drive an IT career

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies and households are dependent upon technology more than ever

As telework increases due to the spread of COVID-19, companies are heavily relying on the expertise of IT professionals for everything from keeping information secure to instruction on collaboration apps, experts said.


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Employees crave stricter rules around collaboration app usage

Employees crave stricter rules around collaboration app usage

As you continue with your life under lockdown and as you shift your working pattern to working from home instead of the office, you may feel you are more distracted than when you are in the workplace. The report provided by Unify Square examines the most utilized features across workplace collaboration, app usage trends, and how they are impacting productivity, employee behavior, and security.


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