Optimize your Skype for Business for the Cloud

Managed Services for Cloud

If the complexity of running a hybrid cloud UC solution is too daunting, Unify Square offers your IT team the option of a complete hand-off to our smart remote managed services. Our PowerAssuranceTM team can help you manage your Skype for Business Online pilots in conjunction with your core on-premise deployment and then (when the timing is right) also help you structure and manage the transition from on-premise to cloud.

Site Transformation AcceleratorTM

This new subscription-based add-on to our popular cloud managed services offering handles site by site deployments of Modern Voice for Skype for Business, standing up either Cloud PBX or on-premise Skype for Business servers in enterprises across the globe. This PowerAssurance add-on option is designed to help you rapidly transform multiple sites simultaneously, while supporting end users and technology systems with optimum performance. We combine our custom planning and project management software with Skype for Business 24×7 expert support to help you automate the UC deployment process, taking the pressure off so you can shorten your deployment schedules and save costs.

PowerSuiteTM Cloud Managed Services for Skype for Business

PowerSuiteTM puts our software technology to work directly for you, delivering Skype for Business cloud services as a 24×7 world-class solution. Our certified depth NOC and Service Desk engineers work remotely behind the scenes – using the industry-leading capabilities of our comprehensive PowerSuiteTM product to help you ensure the stability and availability of your enterprise’s entire UC network, with improved control and reduced administrative costs.

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From the UC Library

Cloud Solutions Overview

Discover how to implement a Skype for Business Online hybrid deployment.

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PowerAssurance Special Offer for Skype Operations Framework

Get to know how our PowerAssuranceTM Special Edition leverages the Skype Operations Framework.

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Evolve your UC to the Cloud

Unsure how or even when to move your organization’s UC solution to the cloud? Let us craft the best Skype for Business cloud solution for you.

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