Microsoft Teams Introduction

The Team Collaboration app marketplace is exploding these days. Starting with the pioneering efforts of Slack, the list of further entrants is seemingly endless: Circuit, Rainbow, Spark, Glip, MiTeam, Fuze, Team-One, PureCloud, Zang, Moxtra, Redbooth, Huddle, Podio, Hangouts, HipChat…..and since March of 2017, Microsoft Teams.


Preparing for Microsoft Teams

For enterprise organizations who are either piloting and/or fully embracing the team-chat model and choosing to collaborate and communicate (i.e. using Teams as a full-time alternative to Skype for Business) with Microsoft Teams, the process of envisioning, on-boarding and drive value may seem daunting. Unify Square is here to help. Unify Square offers consulting, managed services and software to ensure that critical posts, calls and information are getting to the right places in a timely fashion and with high call quality.

Unify Square’s Teams Services Portfolio

We will help you consider and zero in on one or more of the following core Teams onboarding and run-state focus areas:


  • Migration planning including Implementation Requirements, Permissions, Provisioning, and Testing
  • Integration with and migrationto planning from SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, One Drive for Business, OneNote and Skype for Business
  • Teams adoption success metrics, KPI’s and internal controls – to ensure the rollout is achieving the desired results and business objectives and that the run-state is performing as expected


  • Configurations, Customizations and Extensibility options in Teams and Channels specific to the needs of your Organization
  • Configuration and Control around Third-party External Apps


  • Skype for Business, v. Next: Teams adds the chat modality, but voice is still voice — how do you monitor Teams to ensure that voice quality and service availability remain high?
  • Training, Documentation and Knowledge Transfer for your key stakeholders as well as all end-users and employees

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The Evolution of UC Continues

Collaboration in the Workplace

Unify Square has enabled multiple large global enterprises including Nestle, Unilever, Shell and Deloitte to successfully envision, implement, and drive value from their Microsoft Intelligent Communications infrastructure. With Microsoft’s evolving UC software rolling up multiple platforms and diverse availability, Unify Square continues to adapt our software and services to fit the needs of customers targeting all deployment options including Teams. Here John Case, our CEO talks about that evolution.


The Journey to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Webinar

As experts we love to share our knowledge and experience of pioneering with Microsoft Teams.


During this discussion Alan will talk about the timing considerations for conferencing and voice for Teams.  How to think about a pilot followed by full migration.  How Teams and Skype for Business can “coexist”.  There has been lots of discussion about Microsoft Teams ‘absorbing’ the Skype for Business functionality, but not so much about Teams absorbing SharePoint document management functionality.  How should enterprises think about the migration vs co-existence of SharePoint to Teams?

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From our UC Library

Cloud Managed Services for Skype for Business and Teams

Learn about our Cloud Managed Services for Skype for Business and Teams

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Teams Services from Unify Square

Unify Square provides a set of managed services, consulting and software offerings to ensure that critical meetings, chats and calls occur in a timely fashion, with high quality and in manner that delights end users. Learn more!

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Preparing for Microsoft Teams

Unsure how or even when to move your organization to Microsoft Teams? Let us craft the best Teams cloud solution for you.

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