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Above and beyond a pure UC solution like Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams includes a vast array of features like persistent chat, file storage, and third-party applications. Ensuring end-users continue to use Teams after initial rollout is an ongoing battle. Ensuring peak-productivity is an even more difficult challenge, especially while implementing proper security. With Microsoft Teams reporting, organizations can increase adoption, improve call quality, and uncover security blind spots. Microsoft Teams collaboration reports are essential to measuring adoption, feature usage, and ultimately end-user success.

PowerSuite reporting and analytics solutions deliver the best tools to optimize Microsoft Teams deployments.

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Challenges with Microsoft Teams

With the move to cloud-based unified communications, many IT departments mistakenly believe that the issues they dealt with on-premises will magically resolve. However, not only must IT tackle similar problems with quality, they also face new challenges introduced by more advanced collaboration functionality.

Call Quality

While a move to the cloud reduces overall infrastructure, local network issues remain a major source of poor call quality. Microsoft Teams reporting identifies top problem areas so that IT can ensure positive call experiences.

Collaboration Security

With features like guest access and third-party applications, Microsoft Teams introduces significant new surface area of risk. It's up to IT to ensure secure collaboration, and that includes monitoring guest activity and managing third-party applications with Microsoft Teams collaboration reports.

Microsoft Teams Reporting Can...

Microsoft Teams reporting offers the information necessary to achieve frictionless deployments and run state success. While adoption may increase at first, it hits a plateau as pockets within an organization continue their use of other technology. Identifying these hold-outs is key to a successful rollout. A hidden key to user adoption is call quality. End-users with poor calls rate the overall Microsoft Teams experience lower and are more likely to pursue unsanctioned alternatives. Beyond the security issues of Shadow IT, PowerSuite’s reporting surfaces key information on high-priority risks, like guest access and app store permissions.

PowerSuite’s reporting solutions proactively expose the right metrics, providing global visibility about the environment. Beyond basic reporting, advanced features like benchmarking allow IT to measure Microsoft Teams performance against other platforms, as well as against an anonymized industry average.

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Microsoft Teams Collaboration Reports and Solutions with PowerSuite

PowerSuite presents a single pane of glass to monitor, analyze, and troubleshoot multiple platforms. Resolve problems faster, accelerate adoption, and optimize costs.

PowerSuite is the leading specialty tool that helps IT visualize Teams' voice performance and health. The PowerSuite formula for collecting and analyzing data from multiple sources creates a unique voice quality map which can be used to proactively pinpoint and troubleshoot UC-related issues in Teams.

PowerSuite provides visibility into organizational usage & adoption of Teams. PowerSuite reports on details about workforce performance & app operations trends to help improve decision-making for IT, identify communication & training opportunities, increase organizational efficiency, facilitate culture change, and extend the value and productivity of employees.

Microsoft Teams Reporting

External users are an essential part of the digital workplace, but where do you set the boundaries? It is critical to ensure that only the right people are accessing your teams, channels, and data. With PowerSuite's Microsoft Teams reporting functionality, you can monitor and control guest access, surfacing important insights into the behavior of these external users.

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