Microsoft Teams Monitoring

Microsoft Teams deployments are a complex mix of hardware and software, working in concert all day, every day. Because of this, learning how to monitor Microsoft Teams is critical. Problems with your deployment lead to poor user experience, increased costs, and lower productivity. However, Microsoft’s native admin tools don’t provide the functionality that an enterprise needs. The solution for monitoring voice quality in Microsoft Teams is a 3rd party admin tool. 

PowerSuite’s Teams monitoring functionality provides you with enterprise-grade tools to track call quality on multiple collaboration and communications platforms, including Microsoft Teams. Discover how to monitor, analyze, and secure Microsoft Teams with PowerSuite.

microsoft teams monitoring voice quality

Microsoft Teams Monitoring Problems

User Experience Issues

Poor user experience brings down a company’s ROI and negatively affects end-user productivity. There is a strong demand for real-time voice quality monitoring for Microsoft Teams and to determine a users’ compliance risk exposure.

Operational Failures

While the initial rollout looked like it was successful this may not be the case. Since the start of COVID-19 we have started to see massive blind spots because companies failed to recognize how to monitor Microsoft Teams and deploy monitoring solutions. 

Large Complex Deployments

Without appropriate tools for monitoring Microsoft Teams, enterprises face numerous issues when operating Teams at scale. Without effective monitoring, corporations face risk exposure based on various compliance scenarios related to enterprise collaboration security.

Poor Conference Planning

With IT so focused on Microsoft Teams’ workstream collaboration capabilities, voice is often overlooked. With so many employees working from home now, issues experienced during meetings negatively impact your business.

Microsoft Teams Deployment Guide

Key Steps to Pilot, Rollout, and Operate Microsoft Teams

It's More Than Just Microsoft Teams Monitoring

A single pane of glass to manage, analyze and secure your communications

PowerSuite software allows you to analyze data from Microsoft Teams, and other platforms. This software brings you a full visibility of your UC and collaboration ecosystem that allows you to secure user and guest access, compare usage and call quality and solve problems before users notice them.

The unique PowerSuite technology secures your teamwork, increases productivity, and cuts down troubleshooting time. 

How to Monitor Microsoft Teams with PowerSuite

PowerSuite detects and prioritizes issues affecting Microsoft Teams, using advanced Anomaly Detection to discover problems before they affect end-user experience. This intuitive system allows IT to assign and track remediation efforts.

how to monitor microsoft teams

Identify the top problem areas, including: outdated Wi-Fi drivers or client versions, incorrect protocol usage, inconsistent wireless internals, and server communications. The resulting telemetry guides IT through the optimal set of steps to keep systems running strong.

PowerSuite's Gartner-recognized technology compares site to site, geo to geo, and platform to platform. This will ensure your system is at peak performance. It also allows you to see how user satisfaction, service availability, and poor call percentage change over time.

Proactively track the conferencing experiences of executives or other VIPs in a centralized dashboard. This allows IT to understand who on the call is creating the poor experience, and how best to address the issue. The dashboard enables a direct drill-down into the PowerSuite Help Desk for further troubleshooting.

monitoring voice quality in microsoft teams

Centralize monitoring across multiple platforms into one easy dashboard. Combine proactive SBC monitoring with comprehensive room system coverage.

PowerSuite software gives you a single management framework to monitor, analyze, and secure your collaboration and communications platforms. The software enables Microsoft Teams monitoring through simplified dashboards that allow you to proactively detect issues before end-users even notice. 

It's Not Just About Microsoft Teams Monitoring

PowerSuite software allows you to successfully monitor several communications and collaboration platforms. With PowerSuite, you can compare usage and call quality on platforms like Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack and Workplace from Facebook.

Ensure consistent security across multiple platforms, and troubleshoot end-user issues through a single pane of glass. Our industry-leading software takes the next step in enabling IT efficiency by prioritizing ongoing issues through a centralized problem management console.

monitoring voice quality in microsoft teams
monitoring voice quality in microsoft teams

Do you need an easy button for Microsoft Teams monitoring? PowerSuite Cloud Managed Services (CMS) were made to mainline the Unify Square unified communications expertise and bandwidth directly to your IT team.

PowerSuite Cloud Managed Services not only deliver 24/7/365 support, they also feature proactive issue discovery and resolution by our expert operations engineers. Additional add-on services include Room System Management, SBC, SBA, or Server Management, Direct Routing for Teams, White Glove Services, eBonding, and custom reporting.

Try PowerSuite’s Incredible Functionality Yourself

Improve your Microsoft Teams deployment, and secure your workstream collaboration with PowerSuite. Learn more about how PowerSuite helps top IT teams detect and troubleshoot service health issues.

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