Skype for Business Monitoring

Skype for Business Monitoring is difficult. Both on premises and online deployments are a complex mix of hardware, software, and third-party services working in concert all day, every day. Deployments typically start with IT administrators rolling out Instant Messaging (IM), Online Presence and Meeting Room support.

PowerSuite offers the best solutions for monitoring Skype for Business. Improve organizational efficiency with better monitoring tools.

meeting room management


of problems are due to environment set up


of total solution cost is Skype vs 20% for PBX


of outages are caused by operator error

Skype for Business Problems

Initially, everything works great with no issues at all and users loving the new functionality.  However, as soon as Enterprise Voice is enabled and IT starts to move users away from traditional PBX systems major problems start to appear and the IT helpdesk starts to receive dozens of calls from unhappy end users. 

Difficulty Monitoring

Due to low tolerance to latency and packet loss, this makes monitoring and administering difficult.

User Experience

Issues related to user experience degrades organization's ROI and slow employee productivity and satisfaction

Run-State Issues

Related to "operational deployment" when forgets to look past infrastructure deployment

IT Staff Size Issues

PBX systems typically require less IT resources so Skype for Business configuration requirements are often overlooked

Skype for Business Monitoring

Due to the complex nature of Skype for Business systems issues will inevitably arise and when they do, IT needs to respond with lightning speed to prevent downtime and maintain system health.

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Skype for Business On Prem vs. Online

Skype for Business Online provides organizations of any size with a cloud-hosted platform with integrated IM, voice, video, and screen sharing capabilities. All that minus the costs and complexities that come in Skype for Business On-Prem.

However, because of the Microsoft Azure hosted nature of Skype for Business Online the ability of 3rd-party specialty providers to monitor service availability as well as certain aspects of voice quality performance monitoring is made more difficult. IT doesn’t have the same direct-touch access to the servers and thus aren’t able to provide optimal Skype for Business monitoring.

Regardless of your Skype for Business hosting choice (on-prem or online) Unify Square’s PowerSuite offers the best monitoring and for Skype for Business designed to enhance your user experience by optimizing it to run at its highest potential.

Skype for Business Solutions with PowerSuite

Identify the top problem areas, including: outdated Wi-Fi drivers or client versions, incorrect protocol usage, inconsistent wireless internals, and server communications. The resulting telemetry guides IT through the optimal set of steps to keep systems running strong.

skype for business operations dashboard

PowerSuite's Gartner-recognized technology compares site to site, geo to geo, and platform to platform. This will ensure your system is at peak performance.

skype for business service health

PowerSuite's most popular app tracks Skype calls, even while they're still in progress. A SIP/email address is all that's needed to access a detailed drill-down of a single user's interactions and trouble spots in a given time period.

skype for business help desk

Proactively measure end-to-end Skype availability with PowerSuite's novel technology. This solution uses proven heuristics to provide actionable and operational workflows, approaching voice quality and performance from a different angle. This is the Skype for Business monitoring tool IT has been looking for.

skype for business monitoring

Skype for Business Monitoring Solutions

The Monitoring Dashboard provides probe list service availability monitoring by mimicking typical end user scenarios 24/7 using custom synthetic transactions to strengthen performance of on-premise Skype for Business and cloud-based Microsoft Teams deployments. 


Skype for Business monitoring tools will often report as “healthy”, yet undetected issues can blindside you. PowerSuite Availability Monitoring uses an easy to deploy synthetic transaction system that regularly mimics typical end-user call behaviors around-the-clock and around-the-world, detecting and prioritizing incidents to help stop escalations before they occur. IT can instantly initiate availability tests from anywhere in your environment. This makes troubleshooting faster and simpler, as remote proves are not needed.

Our patented technology uses proven heuristics to give you actionable operational workflow. PowerSuite empowers you to troubleshoot voice quality as well as network performance, shorten resolution time, and deliver a world-class Skype for Business experience.

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Skype for Business Monitoring

User Behavior & Compliance

The demand for real-time telemetry on users and compliance risk exposure moves beyond just monitoring collaboration and communications platform availability. Our Skype for Business monitoring tools functionality extends to include complete, 24/7 oversight of various user behavior scenarios. Additionally, and more importantly, PowerSuite monitoring highlights corporate risk exposure based on various compliance scenarios related to enterprise collaboration security. This improves the Skype for Business monitoring experience.

As enterprise organizations continue to face new and complex operational challenges in the Skype for Business landscape, Unify Square is ready to deliver the optimal systems and end-user related metrics and troubleshooting advice and direction to enhance performance visibility and keep employees on the path to optimal productivity.

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