Skype for Business Reporting

Deployment of Skype for Business on-premises include a complex mix of hardware, software, and third-party services working together continuously. IT begins deployment of the system by rolling out features like Instant Messaging (IM), Online Presence, and Meeting Room support. Everything may start off great with no hitches, but issues begin to arise with time. Skype for Business reporting will help IT quickly address problems.

PowerSuite solutions ensure the best Skype for Business on premise reporting tools to optimize end-user experience.

Skype for Business Problems

of Skype for Business problems are due to environment setup and not Skype itself
of the total solution cost is average cost for Skype systems (traditional PBX systems are only 20%)
of Skype for Business outages are caused by operator error

With deeper integration of Skype for Business, like Enterprise Voice, IT begins transitioning away from traditional PBX systems and the real problems arise from unpleased end users hounding the IT helpdesk. What appears as an easy-to-use platform now displays its weaknesses with system reporting.

Without a system in place to assist IT with operational support, IT staff will be overwhelmed by dealing with a new platform that has more requirements than traditional PBX systems. This can include issues like not enough personnel on hand to troubleshoot, as staff size is smaller with PBX systems.


It is important for IT to have continuous Skype for Business on premise reporting to minimize end user struggles and thus prevent the negative impacts it would have on employee productivity. Skype for Business is an investment by organizations and so user experience should be optimized to yield the best Return on Investment (ROI).

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Skype for Business on-premises allows for IT to have more direct access to servers for easier monitoring and reporting. On the other hand, Skype for Business online is hosted by Microsoft Azure and so its much more difficult for IT and 3rd part specialty providers to monitor service availability, call quality, and more. On-premise is much more complex and costly but easier access, whereas online is cloud-hosted and easier for organizations of any size.   Learn More

Skype for Business Reporting

Skype for Business on premise Reporting can sometimes be the less glamorous side of the cost equation. However, to correctly drive accountability and track ROI benefits, reporting is invaluable. Skype for Business generates vast amounts of data, tracking details of calls, and conferences. Buried here is priceless information that can improve planning, speed transformation, and pinpoint areas ripe for improvement.

While they do provide a set of standard reports that gives information on usage, call diagnostic information, and media quality information, these are based on the expansive data collected. These reports also, more often than not, lack the option to filter. This highlights the need for optimized Skype for Business reporting.

PowerSuite’s reporting solutions expose the right metrics, providing global visibility about the environment, and bench-marking within and across the enterprise so that IT can best allocate responsibilities, resources, and personnel.

Skype for Business Reporting

Usage & Adoption

To achieve full platform ROI, you need to measure active versus plan usage and see how it is trending in your environment. PowerSuite Usage and Adoption compares usage between platforms and provides a unique and aggregated user experience visual angle. User behavior can also be broken down by group, custom tag, or even individual for optimal Skype for Business reporting.

PowerSuite collects and analyzes a wide variety of data points across any Skype for Business environment, whether it be on-prem or in the cloud. IT can strategically use this data to correlate with overall platform roll-out goals as well as service availability issues.


This crowd-sourced benchmarking functionality in PowerSuite is unique in the industry because it allows IT to compare key platform metrics against other departments, other PowerSuite organizations, or other collaboration platforms.

PowerSuite benchmarking helps you know what success looks like and quickly identifies areas that need improvement.

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Call Reporting

PowerSuite’s Call Reporting offers both a set of pre-packaged Skype for Business reporting (devices, conferences, voice, and video quality, call failures, sharing functionality, and more) as well as an easy UI for creating customized queries.

In addition to native platform data, call reporting also utilizes unique PowerSuite-generated datapoints. This enables troubleshooting assistance without having to write any complex, code-based queries.

System Troubleshooting

The Operations Dashboard by PowerSuite simplifies the troubleshooting puzzle by leveraging our patented technology algorithms. This Skype for Business reporting solution identifies the top problem areas including outdated Wi-Fi drivers or client versions, incorrect protocol usage, inconsistent wireless internals, and server communications.

The resulting telemetry guides IT through the optimal set of steps to keep systems running strong. It also offers a detailed geo-heatmap drill-downs and global filtering visibility.

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Problem Management

Even the most well-managed collaboration and communication environments will have regular issues that challenge IT’s ability to efficiently prioritize their troubleshooting process. PowerSuite’s Insights Center creates a centralized hub for IT to view a prioritized list of technical and system-related problems, along with a clear way to track progress towards resolution.

PowerSuite uses machine learning, a continuously evolving set of rules, and proprietary technology algorithms to detect system anomalies. Insights Center highlights the most critical issues in a ranked list and helps reduce TCO, letting IT choose when to fix these key issues, based on time and resource demands.

Service Reviews

The Service Health dashboard gives your IT service manager the power to visualize key information. This can be done across the complete Skype for Business service. Service Health reveals core KPIs on overall system health to enable informed decisions and initiate problem resolution to provide key Skype for Business reporting.

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