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Skype for Business End of Life FAQs

Our expert team of consultants can guide you in the next steps to move from Skype for Business. Whether this means continuing with unified communications platforms or shifting to a workplace collaboration platform. 

Yes. However, the combination of Unify Square’s consulting services, it’s powerful PowerSuite software, and the PowerSuite Cloud Managed Services is the perfect trifecta to help IT manage all platforms throughout the process to ensure a smooth transition.
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When will it Be Discontinued?

Microsoft announced that Skype for Business Online is set to end July 31, 2021. The 2015 and 2019 Server editions (On-Premises) were not spared as their mainstream support ends in 2020 and 2023, respectively.

Skype for Business Upgrade Options

Server 2019.

For those wanting to stay with Skype for Business Serv-er On-Prem a little longer, the 2019 update is the latest/greatest upgrade and is one of many possible options for an enterprise UC future.

Microsoft Teams.

However, Teams is an all-encompassing workstream collaboration platform – combining meetings, chats, calls, and file shar-ing with the Office 365 application stack.


Another direction could be Zoom that offers unified com-munications with their cloud platform for video, audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars across all endpoints.

Teams and Zoom.

One little known fact is that Microsoft Teams and Zoom actually combine to work well together. Microsoft Teams is excellent for internal collaboration, whereas Zoom is often preferred for working externally – whether that’s with customers or guest vendors.

It’s Time to Plan Your Upgrade

An Enterprise Migration isn’t easy…. Take proper steps to upgrade your dying Skype for Business system.

These guys are top notch – best vendor we've interacted with to be honest. Their support model and high level of intelligence of their personnel is light years above other UC partners.

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