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Although Slack provides some basic built-in platform management tools, their capabilities do not meet IT needs at an enterprise scale. Without such tools, tracking user adoption is arduous, and IT has little insight into key security blind spots. 

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Monitoring, Analytics & Management for Slack

The fourth-leading cause of enterprise data leaks is accidental publishing. Slack makes sharing easy, so it’s more challenging than ever to keep sensitive data safe.

When it comes to maintaining a robust conferencing experience within Slack calling applications, many of the legacy Unified Communications (UC) challenges for voice quality remain.

As a leading team collaboration platform, Slack adoption is subject to the network effect. If employees aren’t engaged, Slack becomes less valuable to everyone.

Which collaboration platform should you standardize on, or should you support multiple? How can you ensure consistent policies across platforms?

Management Tools for Slack

While Slack does provide some built-in features to meet basic needs, a third-party application like Unify Square’s PowerSuite provides a single pane of glass view of your entire workstream collaboration ecosystem. See PowerSuite in Action!

  • Workplace Analytics for Slack
  • Guest Access

PowerSuite provides visibility into organizational usage & adoption of Slack. Our workplace analytics tools report on details about workforce performance & app operations trends to help improve decision-making for IT, identify communication & training opportunities, increase organizational efficiency, facilitate culture change, and extend the value and productivity of employees.

External users are an essential part of the digital workplace, but where do you set the boundaries? It is critical to ensure that only the right people are accessing your Slack channels and data. PowerSuite allows you to monitor and control guest access, surfacing important insights into the behavior of these external users.

Slack Solutions

Our PowerSuite software creates a unified set of dashboards to surface actionable insights and help to monitor, analyze, and manage your Slack deployments.  PowerSuite aggregates Slack analytics and helps manage the user adoption journey, complete with sprawl detection and cleanup.

With the introduction of collaboration, there are many additional considerations IT needs to keep in mind. With increased activity and visibility, it’s important to reduce the risk of security exposures from employees and guests.

Not only does PowerSuite manage Slack, our unique technology provides an expansive single-pane view, spanning over six different platforms from the top four industry-leading software vendors. ​Learn More.

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