Setting up PowerSuite for Workplace

Before adding the PowerSuite app to your Workplace from Facebook account, your PowerSuite tenant needs to be enabled for Workplace. Please contact support to initiate this process.

If you’re not yet a PowerSuite customer you can sign-up for a demo and trial here.

Step 1: Add PowerSuite app from PowerSuite Configuration

Before continuing make sure you are signed into PowerSuite and have PowerSuite “Service Owner” or “Skype Engineer” role.

In PowerSuite, navigate to Platforms – Workplace (under Configuration):

Click on the “Add to Workplace” button. You’ll be redirected to the Workplace website to continue with Step 2.

Step 2: Review PowerSuite app information

You are redirected to the Workplace website and may need to sign-in to Workplace to continue.

Review the PowerSuite app information provided and click “Add to Workplace.”

The configuration is complete, and the first data should show up a few hours later in PowerSuite:

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