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Zoom is the leader in enterprise video communications, providing video and audio conferencing for enterprises around the world. However, Zoom’s rapid growth and high demand has led to security issues which can put you at risk. In this guide to Zoom meeting management and analytics, we will walk through the top challenges with adopting Zoom, what to consider before adopting Zoom, security, new features, and finally troubleshooting and analytics for Zoom.

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Top Zoom Analytics & Meeting Management Challenges

Troubleshooting Challenges

As your deployment grows in size, so does troubleshooting complexity. Discovering the root cause of poor conferences and calls with native Zoom analytics is difficult. Where do you focus first?

Performance Challenges

Your deployment reports “healthy” within the native Zoom meeting management console, but your users are still complaining about video and/or voice issues.

Room System Challenges

Adoption catches on like a prairie fire – until something goes wrong with your Zoom Rooms. How can you proactively manage these issues?

Zoom vs Skype vs Teams Challenges

How do you figure out if or when to standardize on a specific voice and video platform across the enterprise?

Zoom Monitoring Tool

Deploying a new collaboration platform for your company is difficult and if done incorrectly, may have serious consequences for your end users. We discuss how to organize and expedite your UC platform deployment.

We provide the software need to track quality, usage and network metrics using a single, manageable, and cross-platform interface.

What to Consider Before Adopting Zoom

Finding the right UC solution for your workforce in today’s agile environment means choosing a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that supports the entire communications journey, including business growth and customer experience. To evaluate whether Zoom is the right fit for your organization, start by considering the following:

End-User Needs

User experience and the rate of adoption will dictate how much value you are able to create from a UC platform. Finding a platform that is easy-to-use, reliable, and offers seamless collaboration features will increase employee engagement.

Cloud Strategy

Enterprises should consider where they are in their cloud adoption evolution. Some larger enterprises may still not have the security infrastructure, network bandwidth, or overall IT orientation to embrace a UCaaS solution.


It is essential for enterprises to ensure their platforms and technology are both compliant and secure. Zoom security features include single sign-on, role-based security, and password protection.

Politics and Passions

Adopting software like Zoom could be simple, complicated, or somewhere in between, depending on the organization. Understanding how to navigate the confluence of politics and end-user passions at your organization is key to Zoom success.

For more detailed information about how to navigate Zoom at enterprise scale, download our free eBook. 

Comparing Zoom to Microsoft Teams

When considering different UC platforms, the question of Zoom vs Microsoft Teams often arises, as both platforms offer a set of services for video conferencing and UC telephony. So how do you decide between Microsoft Teams and Zoom? To evaluate tradeoffs and make the decision as to which platform is the best fit, please visit our blog which compares the two platforms on the following features:

User Interface

Room Systems

UC Telephony



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Why You Should Consider Using Both Platforms

Ultimately, although Zoom and Teams overlap and compete against one another, they work well with each other. There is an increasingly large number of enterprises opting to standardize on both Teams and Zoom. Each platform has its own value: Microsoft Teams is great for internal collaboration and Zoom is usually preferred for external collaboration. The two platforms integrate well with each other, making it easy for users to choose when to use which.

If you’re wondering how to choose the right collaboration platform (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, etc) or navigating interoperability and hardware integration, our Zoom eBook will walk you through the steps of navigating Zoom for the enterprise.

For additional resources to manage your Zoom environment, check out our other free assets. 

Zoom Analytics & Video Conferencing Security Issues

Security is a crucial part of video conferencing. IT admins need to stay on top of Zoom analytics and meeting management tools to prevent security blind spots. Key areas of security risk include:

zoom meeting management
zoom meeting management, zoom security

Security Settings

Service security measures are never foolproof. All the top UC conferencing platforms offer complex security configurations, but they are difficult to navigate. 


Apart from exploiting security bugs, cybercriminals have other attack vectors when it comes to collaboration. These phishing attacks include stealing credentials and delivering malware payloads through links and attachments, just like email.

zoom meeting management, zoom security
zoom meeting management, zoom security


For emerging technologies, the conventional IT impulse is to lock down/discourage adoption until the organization fully understands the risks. However, this isn’t feasible, because business adoption (particularly in times of crisis) isn’t only a security decision.

Recordings Exposure

Any number of different security misses can inadvertently make recordings public. Lack of complex password or default password requirements or non-existent policy regarding recordings could lead to data leakage.

Security Settings for Zoom Meeting Management & Analytics

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, IT teams have been scrambling to ensure that they are managing security, functionality, and ease of use effectively through Zoom analytics and tools. As time has progressed, Zoom has worked hard to tighten up the platform’s security through the addition of several new settings and features. 

These are some of the top Zoom management settings and features:

Enable the waiting room feature to ensure that uninvited attendees are not able to join your meeting.

Allows Zoom to pinpoint who and how many guest participants are currently in your meeting.

Requires participants to enter a passcode before joining a meeting.

Restrict logins for Zoom meetings depending on the specific email domains.

Designed to help control and scale user communication policies and regulatory requirements.

Use tracking fields to analyze usage data by various attributes in your organization.

New Zoom Meeting Features

Announced at Zoomtopia 2021

As Zoom quickly became one of the most-used unified communications platforms, Zoom has acted swiftly to provide more immersive, collaborative, and secure experiences for its users. Here are the biggest feature announcements from Zoomtopia 2021:

Hotdesking for Hybrid Work

Zoom Rooms allows users to facilitate meetings from central conference rooms while engaging a hybrid audience comprised of individuals from anywhere. Zoom’s hotdesking functionality enables users to reserve these office spaces using Zoom’s interactive map.

Immersive Smart Gallery

With the Smart Gallery view mode, Zoom Rooms calls will leverage AI to adapt to a user’s conferencing environment. Zoom will take a single camera view and split it into individualized video streams, replicating face-to-face communication in hybrid conferencing calls.

Video Engagement Center

The Video Engagement Center (VEC) will bring a new look to client-facing interaction for enterprises going forward. Set to be released in early 2022, Zoom’s VEC will be its own conferencing platform which is configured specifically for client meetings and presentations.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity & Encryption

The Zoom calling environment has become even more secure with new encryption and identification processes. Zoom has integrated multi-factor identity authentication to validate its users and is also introducing end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for Zoom Phone.

Interactive Whiteboarding

Building on their top-tier screen sharing functionality, Zoom has introduced an interactive whiteboarding mode to their video calls. This lets users to share ideas in real-time, fostering a more efficient approach to asynchronous collaboration.

Improved Translation & Transcription

Zoom’s translation and transcription features are expanding to encompass 12 and 30 languages respectively. This will allow users speaking a variety of languages to receive real-time translated captioning and savable transcripts of their meetings.

Zoom Chat for Collaboration

Zoom is making it easier for users to collaborate using Zoom Chat. Recently, Zoom rolled out their search tool which enables users to filter through a Contacts List to find and message members in their organization’s ecosystem.

For a full list of new features for meetings, Zoom Phone, and webinars, please visit this blog. 

Zoom Analytics Managed, Amplified & Secured

Introducing PowerSuite

PowerSuite is IT’s companion tool to orchestrate and deliver effective, reliable, and secure teamwork across multiple collaboration platforms, spanning both cloud and on-premises environments. Gain a simultaneous, panoramic view of all collaboration and communications platforms, expediting responses to service interruptions and threats. Manage, amplify, and secure your environment with Zoom analytics from PowerSuite.

Reduce time spent troubleshooting Zoom and improve end-user satisfaction by providing actionable and prescriptive guidance regarding various quality issues.

zoom analytics, zoom meeting management, zoom troubleshooting

Use the power of crowdsourced cloud intelligence to compare anonymized UC performance KPIs across multiple sites and between different users and platforms.

Track and accelerate usage for meetings, chats and calls with Zoom analytics. Visualize the full adoption profile of your entire enterprise.

zoom tracking, zoom analytics

Identify and track a customized and targeted set of Execs, VIPs or even conference rooms so that IT can stay ahead of any potential issues.

zoom analytics, zoom meeting management, zoom troubleshooting

AI/ML analyzes platform data to create a centralized hub to view problems and insights to help prioritize troubleshooting Zoom and identify system anomalies.

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Get Actionable Insights & Analytics for Zoom with PowerSuite

Core Value Beyond Out-of-the-Box Zoom Tools & Analytics

One of the common misperceptions for Zoom enterprise customers is that the native Zoom meeting management tools and analytics from the Zoom Dashboard are sufficient for managing the platform at scale. Although the Zoom Dashboard surfaces usage analytics and data, it does not provide any detailed troubleshooting capabilities which are essential for IT admins. Here is what sets PowerSuite apart from Zoom’s native analytics and tools: 

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Zoom Analytics, Troubleshooting, & Meeting Management

When it comes to Zoom analytics and every day troubleshooting of Zoom issues, where do you start? The PowerSuite Insights Center leverages advanced machine learning to expose the highest impact problems with actionable guidance on how to solve them. If there’s a suspect subnet, you’ll know. You no longer have to wade through oceans of data to identify problems: PowerSuite will show you these issues before your users start complaining. 

From small huddle rooms to oversize conference rooms, proactive call quality management is essential. A problem with a room system affects more end users than any other endpoint, so PowerSuite allows you to create custom views for your Zoom analytics to proactively manage these experiences.

zoom troubleshooting

PowerSuite prioritizes issues affecting Zoom, using advanced Anomaly Detection to discover problems before they affect end-user experience. This intuitive system allows IT to assign and track remediation efforts from your organization's Zoom analytics.

zoom troubleshooting, zoom meeting management tool

Proactively track the conferencing experiences of executives or other VIPs in a centralized dashboard. This allows for preemptive troubleshooting to understand who on the call is creating the poor experience, and how best to address and resolve the issue. The dashboard also enables a direct drill-down into the PowerSuite Help Desk dashboard for further troubleshooting with advanced Zoom analytics.

PowerSuite provides detailed Zoom analytics. Track trends in usage over easily selectable time windows and determine the impact of adoption interventions.

zoom troubleshooting, zoom meeting management tool

Embrace the reality of a distributed workforce. Use performance benchmarks to analyze the various countries, states, provinces, cities, and ISPs available within your environment, no matter how small the user population.

Additional Zoom Analytics & Meeting Management Solutions

Cloud Consulting Services

Our qualified experts are here to optimize your deployment process, secure your unified communications and workstream collaboration platforms, and improve your experience for work meetings, calls, and chats. 

PowerSuite For Zoom Phone

Unify Square’s full set of Zoom Phone targeted offerings provide the on-ramp, as well as the ongoing 24x7 hand-holding to ensure Zoom calling success for your enterprise.

Zoom Room Management

PowerSuite Cloud Managed Services is expanding its reach to offer proactive 24×7 support for Zoom Rooms to help businesses reduce their costs and better support their meeting rooms. 

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Video Monitoring & Analytics for Zoom

Zoom meeting management and video monitoring are essential for ensuring a successful deployment. The lack of Zoom video monitoring can lead to poor call quality, end-user frustration, and decreased productivity. With Zoom analytics and meeting management tools, IT leaders can proactively identify and fix issues before users even notice. Third-party Zoom meeting management tools like PowerSuite’s Zoom monitoring allow organizations to view Zoom analytics and actionable insights into their UC environment to keep Zoom running at peak performance.

One Tool to Manage Them All

The unique PowerSuite technology provides an expansive single pane view, covering application platforms from industry-leading software vendors. 

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