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Zoom Monitoring for Conferencing, Rooms and Phone

The lack of Zoom video monitoring availability leads to poor call quality in your Zoom deployment, leading to end-user frustration and decreased productivity. PowerSuite’s Zoom video monitoring tool and Zoom phone monitoring provide complete oversight needed to keep Zoom running at peak performance. Learn how to monitor Zoom with our industry-leading PowerSuite software.

Make it easier and more cost-effective to manage and secure Zoom room systems while improving and streamlining how people are communicating and collaborating today.

zoom video monitoring

Zoom Video Monitoring is Table Stakes

Discovering how to monitor Zoom is essential to a successful deployment. Zoom video phone monitoring is more than just observing platform usage by end users and availability issues. The table stakes need is having the ability to proactively identify issues and then being able to jump to a system fix before users have a chance to even notice.

The tracking of quality and availability over time is the main purpose of Zoom video and Zoom phone monitoring, especially with Zoom Room systems. When organizations rely on these configurations to perform actions like meetings and calls, catching these problems quickly is crucial.

Identify Conferencing Problems with PowerSuite Zoom Video Monitoring

PowerSuite Makes IT Happy; Zoom Makes the Users Happy

  • Complex Deployments

    Organizations that don't take proper care in planning their rollout, without the right tools, may experience frustrated end users.

  • New Challenges

    Since Zoom is even younger than other mature platforms, challenges of running it at large scales are still emerging.

  • It's Not That Simple

    Although Zoom is user-friendly, many issues can arise that interfere with call quality, meeting connectivity, and more.

Learn how to monitor Zoom with PowerSuite’s monitoring tools and solutions. PowerSuite enables efficient Zoom video monitoring and Zoom phone monitoring through actionable insights. Zoom data is also simplified through dashboards that allow for quick issue detection and resolution, big data parsing, and measuring the overall success of the platform for your organization.

Zoom Video Monitoring with PowerSuite

From small huddle rooms to oversize conference rooms, proactive call quality management is essential. A problem with a room system affects more end-users than any other endpoint, so PowerSuite allows you to create custom views to proactively manage these experiences.

zoom video monitoring tool, zoom room monitoring

End-to-end monitoring for Zoom Premise Peering alerts IT to issues before end users start complaining. Our unique blend of synthetics allows IT to resolve Zoom Phone problems proactively.
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PowerSuite prioritizes issues affecting Zoom, using advanced Anomaly Detection to discover problems before they affect end-user experience. This intuitive system allows IT to assign and track remediation efforts.zoom monitoring

Proactively track the conferencing experiences of executives or other VIPs in a centralized dashboard. This allows for preemptive troubleshooting to understand who on the call is creating the poor experience, and how best to address and resolve the issue. The dashboard also enables a direct drill-down into the PowerSuite Help Desk dashboard for further troubleshooting.

PowerSuite provides detailed analytics for Zoom. Track trends in usage over easily selectable time windows and determine the impact of adoption interventions.

The Complete Zoom Experience

Zoom Monitoring

Receive actionable insights as PowerSuite tracks Zoom quality and availability over time

Zoom Management

Proactively prioritize and quickly resolve critical issues affecting end-users.

Zoom Insights

Get detailed analytics as PowerSuite tracks usage and adoption organization-wide

A multi-generational workforce with mobile, flexible workstyles will underpin general workplace evolution. With younger workers more likely to meet away from their workspaces, use headsets, and take a more versatile approach to how they meet, prudent IT teams will need to prepare their infrastructure, culture, and technology to support the next phase of workplace communication. As a result, enterprises are considering alternative platforms that offer the most benefits at scale.

For IT teams looking to embrace Zoom video conferencing and scale its deployment to a large enterprise, there are several considerations that they should think through. Whether it’s deciding how to choose the right collaboration platform (Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Cisco, Zoom, etc), or navigating interoperability and hardware integration, this eBook will walk you through how to navigate and monitor Zoom for the Enterprise.

PowerSuite’s unique single pane of glass allows organizations to easily monitor hybrid platform scenarios. Directly compare your usage and call quality on Zoom across multiple platforms like Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams and Slack. This helps your organization see which is being used most and where to invest further.

The tool will show whether issues are affecting all platforms such as network performance or unoptimized device usage. It lets you see not just Zoom video and Zoom phone analytics, but analytics across the other collaboration and communications platforms in use by your organization.

monitoring voice quality in microsoft teams
monitoring voice quality in microsoft teams

PowerSuite Cloud Managed Services (CMS) were made to mainline the Unify Square unified communications expertise and bandwidth directly to your IT team. Working through the cloud, issues can be resolved quickly and remotely before end-users even notice.

PowerSuite, which includes industry-leading Zoom Monitoring software, already offers powerful tools like actionable insights, blind-spot visualization, and innovative benchmarking. However, having CMS complements these features by adding on 24/7 administration and maintenance as well as proactive issue management. CMS is your remote IT services team.

See What Our Zoom Video Monitoring Tool Can Do For You

Give Zoom the extra push it needs to meet your organization’s every need with ease.  Secure communication with PowerSuite for Room Systems and manage across all your platforms with the single pane view.

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