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Unify Square’s PowerSuiteTM software gives Zoom administrators the ability to surface actionable insights, troubleshoot quality issues, and manage Zoom Rooms and Zoom Phone. PowerSuite creates a unified set of dashboards to help Zoom administrators monitor, analyze, and secure Zoom.

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Monitoring, Analytics & Management for Zoom

Zoom just works – until it doesn’t, as your deployment grows in size. Discovering the root cause of poor conferences and calls across a mountain of data is difficult. Where do you focus first?

Your deployment reports “healthy” within the native Zoom Admin console, but your users are still complaining about video and/or voice issues.

Adoption catches on like a prairie fire – until something goes wrong with your Zoom Rooms. How can you proactively manage these issues?

How do you figure out if or when to standardize on a specific voice and video platform across the enterprise?

Zoom Monitoring & Troubleshooting Tool

When it comes to every day troubleshooting of Zoom issues, where do you start? The PowerSuite Insights Center leverages advanced machine learning to expose the highest impact problems with actionable guidance on how to solve them. If there’s a suspect subnet, you’ll know. You no longer have to wade through oceans of data to identify problems: PowerSuite will show you these issues before your users start complaining.

  • Zoom Room Support
  • Problem Management
  • Executive Support
  • Enterprise-Ready Usage and Adoption

From small huddle rooms to oversize conference rooms, proactive call quality management is essential. A problem with a room system affects more end-users than any other endpoint, so PowerSuite allows you to create custom views to proactively manage these experiences.

PowerSuite prioritizes issues affecting Zoom, using advanced Anomaly Detection to discover problems before they affect end-user experience. This intuitive system allows IT to assign and track remediation efforts.

Proactively track the conferencing experiences of executives or other VIPs in a centralized dashboard. This allows for preemptive troubleshooting to understand who on the call is creating the poor experience, and how best to address and resolve the issue. The dashboard also enables a direct drill-down into the PowerSuite Help Desk dashboard for further troubleshooting.

PowerSuite provides detailed analytics for Zoom. Track trends in usage over easily selectable time windows and determine the impact of adoption interventions.

Zoom Solutions

PowerSuite software creates a unified set of dashboards to surface actionable insights. Manage, analyze, and troubleshoot a myriad of different collaboration and communications platforms, including Zoom.

PowerSuite Cloud Managed Services is expanding its reach to offer proactive 24×7 support for Zoom Rooms to help businesses reduce their costs and better support their meeting rooms. 

The unique PowerSuite technology provides an expansive single-pane of glass view, spanning six different platforms from the top four industry-leading software vendors. ​Learn More.


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