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  • Once you have entered your details one of our sales associates will contact you to better understand your environment and plans.
  • They will then set up a time for you with a local solutions architect in your region and we can show your PowerSuite in action over a screen share session.

If you are not quite ready to commit to your own demo feel free to watch this video that talks about Unify Square’s approach to Zoom and including a PowerSuite demo.

Our PowerSuite software provides detailed analytics for Zoom Video Communications deployments by tracking usage and adoption.  By allowing IT to track trends in usage over time determining impacts of adoption interventions.

Our tools allows an administrator see who is using the Zoom platform and compare usage with other UC platforms.  This is especially useful for companies migrating from Skype for Business to Zoom. 

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It doesn’t matter if its a massive conference room or a small huddle room, either way proactive call quality management is key.  A problem with voice call quality or video quality with a Zoom Room will effect more users than any other device. 

The PowerSuite software provides IT with the right tool set to monitor Zoom Rooms so that they are aware of problems before their users have a bad meeting experience. 

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Using Advanced Machine Learning to enable Anomaly Detection predicting future problems with Zoom deployments, PowerSuite prioritizes so that IT can focus on key problems. 

This prioritization allows to identify critical issues and solve high impact problems first. By focusing on the root cause of poor call quality and using PowerSuite IT can quickly identify and fix problems within the Zoom network.  

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Also Supporting .....

Many of our customers are using multiple collaboration and communications platforms so we have added support for these, in addition to Zoom.  Thought you would like to know…….  

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