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At Unify Square we are working to support enterprises who are both beginning their journey with Zoom and those that have been using Zoom for a while and are only now finding problems. Our Zoom resources aimed to help you learn more about the platform.

Initially Zoom is easy to setup and use, however as companies scale Zoom to many users, just like other unified communications platforms, issues arise with call quality, meeting connectivity and more.  We want to reduce the issues associated with large scale migration and are working to create resources to help deployment. 

Our PowerSuite software helps to avoid operational deployment failures, secure Zoom room meetings, improve end-users experience and solve other critical issues.

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​Zoom Room Systems Solutions

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Discover how with PowerSuite you can improve your Zoom performance. The software gives you a single management framework to allowing you to monitor several platforms, including Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Workplace from Facebook and Skype for Business

Request a demo to learn how the tool can analyze, monitor and secure your collaboration and communications platforms. 

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Effective Zoom Room System Management

With the increased usage of Room Systems for conferencing, organizations need high-quality support for platform management and troubleshooting. 

Improve your audio and video conferencing experience with our room system management tool. Learn more about how PowerSuite solves Zoom room challenges. 

Zoom Consulting Services

Are you in the middle of a migration to  Zoom, or you just start thinking about diving into this platform? Our qualified experts are here for you to optimize your deployment process, secure your unified communication and workstream collaboration, and improve your experience for work meetings, calls, and chats. 

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Data Sheets

UC Network Readiness Services Datasheet

This service optimizes UC systems by conducting a bandwidth planning assessment focused on WAN, WiFi, and Internet networks for on-prem, cloud and hybrid environments. The service tests for signal strength, latency, jitter, packet

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