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Unify Square Innovates New Version of PowerAssurance™

Leveraging Its New PowerSuite™ Platform, Microsoft Partner Broadens PowerAssurance™ to Deliver Industry’s Most Comprehensive Software & Services Package for Skype for Business

Bellevue, WA – March 8, 2016 – Unify Square, the leading provider of software, consulting and 24×7 remote managed services for Skype for Business, today introduced an upgrade to PowerAssurance, the Unified Communications (UC) industry’s first complete smart remote managed service offering that addresses the full Skype for Business environment. The new version of PowerAssurance leverages PowerSuite’s automation to go beyond reactive infrastructure monitoring and reporting to proactively audit the total health and system availability of Skype for Business. For enterprises, this means fewer outages, increased productivity, and a significant reduction in the need for dedicated IT staff for Skype for Business management. When PowerAssurance is combined with PowerSuite’s integrated UC operations solution suite and Unify Square’s global consulting team, it creates the most complete collection of software and services for Skype for Business.

Most enterprises lack the bandwidth and expertise to manage large-scale Skype for Business deployments and are required to invest in additional personnel for full-time monitoring and troubleshooting. Competitive managed service offerings in today’s market don’t include automation tools and rely heavily on outsourcing operations as well as on-site personnel. For enterprises, this adds to overhead costs, impacts productivity, and also fosters a reactive approach to Skype for Business management. In a recent Nemertes report, Skype for Business was identified as having an average operational cost per endpoint or license of $266. For IT teams under pressure to demonstrate ROI for Skype for Business investment, the existing market of managed services and one-dimensional support tools fall short in helping to manage these costs.

The new version of PowerAssurance addresses these key challenges, ensuring full system coverage while allowing enterprises to significantly reduce costs associated with managing Skype for Business. In early testing, the new PowerAssurance reduced required headcount to manage Skype for Business by an average of 88% and increased efficiency scores by at least 30%. The combination of PowerAssurance services with the PowerSuite platform also automates the management process, upending the traditional reactive model to enable ongoing, proactive monitoring and maintenance of Skype for Business. This accelerates the ROI as it increases enterprise productivity and frees valuable IT and in-house engineering time.

“With software, consulting and 24×7 remote managed services, we now have the industry’s most comprehensive solutions for Skype for Business,” said Sonu Aggarwal, CEO of Unify Square. “Our brains, not just brawn approach allows us to provide economies of scale that reduce our client’s costs, increase their productivity and free up valuable engineering resources. Enterprise customers come to us for the truly elite expertise and training offered by our PowerAssurance’s service delivery team.”

As the first complete remote managed service offering for Skype for Business, the new PowerAssurance includes upgrades to extend remote coverage to include service availability, infrastructure support, end user support, provisioning services, service management, reporting, architecture & operations planning and gateway & endpoint devices management. PowerAssurance can also oversee any Skype for Business deployment type, whether it’s hybrid, cloud or on-premise. The robust remote services and capabilities now provided are made possible by the Unify Square smart remote managed services team, which has quadrupled in size since last year. In addition, over the course of the last 12 months Unify Square has already tripled its remote managed services installed base. PowerAssurance will now be offered in three package options with PowerSuite included, to allow enterprises to build on capabilities and services as they are guided through each deployment phase. The packages include Remote Infrastructure Support, Smart Services and Smart Services Plus.

For more information on Unify Square’s PowerAssurance remote managed service offering, click here.

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Unify Square is a wholly owned subsidiary of Unisys’ Digital Workplace Services business unit. Unify Square software and services optimize and enhance the world’s largest collaboration and communication platform deployments, helping businesses manage and secure their hybrid work for meetings, chats, and calls. PowerSuite™ software creates a unified experience management dashboard to surface actionable insights and administer collaboration platforms — transforming performance health, security, and user effectiveness. Unify Square’s solutions have delivered value to more than six million collaboration seats, in over 275 enterprises across more than 50 countries, and in most major industry verticals.

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