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Unify Square Launches UC RightTrack to Help CIOs and IT Leaders Maximize ROI of Microsoft Lync While Preparing for Skype for Business

Leading Unified Communications Enabler Offers New Services Solution to Accelerate User Adoption of Microsoft Lync with Enterprise Voice in Large Scale Enterprise Environments

BELLEVUE, Wash., Nov. 24, 2014 – Unify Square, a leading provider of Unified Communications and Collaboration enablement and operations solutions, today announced a new professional services offering, UC RightTrack, to accelerate enterprise adoption of Microsoft Lync. This new offering comes on the heels of Microsoft’s planned transition of Lync to Skype for Business in 2015 as an initiative to reinvent and improve productivity and collaboration in the enterprise. The development of UC RightTrack is based on Unify Square’s proven success helping global enterprises like Unilever implement Microsoft Lync in complex distributed environments with hundreds of thousands of users. UC RightTrack helps CIOs and IT leaders put Lync on a path to success to achieve up to four times faster return on investment (ROI) while maximizing user adoption.

When properly implemented, UC solutions like Microsoft Lync can save enterprises millions of dollars. However, achieving UC solution success of that magnitude is only possible when organizations put an emphasis on both the solution and the end-user. This critical dependency on end-user adoption can potentially put UC initiatives at risk, limiting return on the IT investment and negatively impacting the business.

UC RightTrack creates a tailored plan for large enterprises to begin preparing their workforce now regardless of where they are today with their adoption of Lync in preparation for the transition to Skype for Business. With Unify Square, customers have successfully integrated Microsoft Lync four times faster, reducing time to initial ROI from 5 years to 18 months. Through experience with over 150 global customers with 45+ of those in the Fortune 500, Unify Square has identified four main tracks that must be addressed to drive Lync success. These tracks include strategy & planning, implementation & deployment, user adoption and operations. The new UC RightTrack offering is flexible, meeting customers where they are today, yet provides a proven path to success. The UC RightTrack offering takes approximately thirty days and includes the following highlights:

  • Strategy and Planning: A team of Unify Square experts walks stakeholders through a UC Roadmap session to gain a complete understanding of business goals and desired end state with Microsoft Lync and/or the upcoming release of Skype for Business. Unify Square then creates a multiphase plan for success.
  • Implementation and Deployment: Unify Square experts perform a hands-on environmental inspection and implement near term improvements to address the desired end state architecture and implementation of best practices including integration with existing voice, video, and network infrastructure.
  • User Adoption: An action oriented plan to help businesses understand the ways in which to influence end user adoption across the enterprise.
  • Operations: An introduction to operational best practices such as help desk readiness, component monitoring and service level KPI’s, including a service availability baseline with Unify Square PowerMon and an end-user satisfaction baseline with Unify Square PowerSat so that there is visibility into how the environment is performing relative to others like it.
  • Results Meeting: A concluding meeting at the end of the 30 days to bring together the UC RightTrack team with the organization’s Lync stakeholders to review the progress, discuss the strategies and ensure the Lync initiative is on the path to success.

“Lync is a complex, multi-year journey that fundamentally changes the work style of tens of thousands of users and how they engage internally and externally,” said Sonu Aggarwal, Founder & CEO of Unify Square. “Our goal is to help large enterprises establish an end-to-end view of the Lync journey with an emphasis on how the end user defines success. With UC RightTrack, our goal is to help customers reach a healthy run state for Lync today while paving the way for Skype for Business tomorrow.”

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Unify Square is a wholly owned subsidiary of Unisys’ Digital Workplace Services business unit. Unify Square software and services optimize and enhance the world’s largest collaboration and communication platform deployments, helping businesses manage and secure their hybrid work for meetings, chats, and calls. PowerSuite™ software creates a unified experience management dashboard to surface actionable insights and administer collaboration platforms — transforming performance health, security, and user effectiveness. Unify Square’s solutions have delivered value to more than six million collaboration seats, in over 275 enterprises across more than 50 countries, and in most major industry verticals.

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