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Our industry-leading portfolio of purpose-built software, cloud managed services, and consulting helps IT Professionals efficiently monitor, manage and secure enterprise collaboration and communications deployments. PowerSuite tools and services cover Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business and Microsoft 365 platforms.

We leverage our industry knowledge and experience to identify technology and experience gaps in the market. We then package our software & services and provide them to organizations in an easy to deploy and easy to use manner.

Our expert team of consultants have years of experience optimizing collaboration and communication deployments. Unify Square consulting offer a number of signature services and specialize in creating custom-built offerings to assist with Strategy & Design, Deployment, User Adoption, and Operations Management.  No matter where you are in your collaboration and communications journey, our team is available 24×7 to help assess and tackle your issues.

PowerSuiteTM is the first cross-platform software suite to empower IT teams to manage and secure collaboration and communications platforms. Powered by our patented technology, PowerSuite helps drive success in six key solution areas. It delivers a single pane of glass where IT can monitor, analyze, and remediate WSC platforms. PowerSuite enhances your enterprise ROI by enabling faster troubleshooting, accelerated adoption, and overall cost optimization.

We created our unique PowerSuite™ Cloud Managed Services to mainline the Unify Square collaboration expertise and bandwidth directly to your IT team. Combining our industry leading PowerSuite software with our certified Operations Engineers, the PowerSuite Managed Services team can detect and validate issues, alert the PowerSuite service desk, and seek a speedy resolution. Typically, all of this happens before your users ever notice a problem.

As the set of applications covered by the Microsoft 365 suite has grown, so too has the inherent complexity of the management task for IT. Our 24×7 managed services for Microsoft 365 provides comprehensive coverage and includes infrastructure and end-user servicing and escalation support.

Learn how PowerSuite, our industry-leading solution can improve your workstream collaboration and unified communications performance. Request a personalized demo, tailored for you.   

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