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Getting ready to dive into new platforms for workstream collaboration? Our unified communications experts have been busy developing their skillsets to cover the workstream collaboration arena so that you don’t have to. Our consulting services will help you optimize your deployments for both unified communications and workstream collaboration – helping you deliver a significant boost in ROI and user satisfaction.

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Workstream collaboration platforms have brought an increase in expectations for productivity gains and always-on reliability. IT teams are now responsible for planning, deploying, and maintaining a multifaceted stack of unified communications and workstream collaboration platforms.

Our certified consultants can help enable outstanding experiences for enterprise meetings, chats, and calls by giving you the technical expertise needed to establish and optimize your WSC and UC platforms. Download the data sheet to see an overview of consulting services we can offer you.

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IT’s Next Big Headache: Collaboration Security and Governance

With the introduction of collaboration to your communications stack, there are many additional considerations IT needs to keep in mind. With increased collaboration and visibility, it’s important to reduce risk of security exposures from employees and guests.

Signature Consulting Services

  • Cloud Communications Transformation (CCT)
  • Unified Communications (UC) HealthCheck
  • Unified Communications (UC) RightTrack™
  • Cloud Phone Jumpstart
  • Collaboration Security & Governance RightTrack™
  • UC Network Readiness Service
  • Bespoke Consulting

When it comes time to migrate to a new UC or collaboration platform, it can be difficult for IT to juggle the pressure and complexity tied to a tight timeline and budget. The Cloud Communications Transformation (CCT) service is a proven programmatic process which handles transformations from an older UC system to a new UCaaS video conferencing and cloud-phone system. Our experienced consultants will create a migration plan and lead you through all the implementation steps.

Depending on the needs of your transformation, the service may include one or more of the following:  voice integration, Direct Routing/Bring Your Own Carrier configurations & architecting, DID porting, SBC configuration, analog gateway configurations, video room integration, conferencing migration, platform co-existence & interoperability, security, network readiness, workstream collaboration, and monitoring/reporting and management details.

CCT is designed to help IT rapidly mirgrate users, while supporting technology systems with optimum performance.  The following different transformations/migrations are supported:

  • Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams
  • Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams to Zoom
  • Cisco or Avaya to Zoom or Microsoft Teams
  • Slack to Microsoft Teams

To better optimize an existing deployment or to help de-risk the rollout and coexistence of a hybrid deployment of two different platforms (e.g. Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, or Teams and Zoom), Unify Square offers our UC HealthCheck service. This service focuses on customers’ existing system, and helps with adherence to industry and Unify Square best practices. The UC Health Check has been designed to highlight any inefficiencies or issues in a deployment, as well as flagging any potential roadblocks to long-term goals that may occur during upgrades or migrations.  The service closely “inspects” existing Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams and/or Zoom configurations and offers up detailed recommendations for how to fix, change, or remediate issues.

No matter the level of IT subject matter expertise related to Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype for Business, or Office 365, it can still be difficult to plot the optimal course forward. Our certified consultants will assess your current video conferencing and/or cloud-voice specific situation and business goals.  Next, we will apply industry and Unify Square best practices to develop a customized, ready-for-execution approach unique to your environment.

The RightTrack is our ‘catch-all’ engagement to help answer many different UC questions:

  • How do I evaluate the pros/cons/trade-offs from both a business case (ROI) as well as a technical case to help me choose my next cloud UC platform: Microsoft Teams vs Cisco Webex Teams vs Zoom?
  • What are the key migration considerations when moving from Cisco or Avaya to Microsoft Teams or Zoom?
  • What are the different technical architecting, 3rd party add-on products (software and hardware) and support considerations to consider once having chosen the new platform?


When making the move to a new UCaaS platform it can often be helpful to get a little ‘jumpstart.’  This Unify Square service assists organizations with a quick pilot set-up to begin testing and evaluating your Zoom or Microsoft Teams platform of choice. This service provides one of the following hand-holding services:
  • A hosted Direct Routing (Microsoft Teams) or BYOC (Zoom) connection in the form of a virtual SBC, combined with up to 50 DIDs/phone numbers.
  • A full Direct Routing or BYOC Pilot including the above vSBC and DID combo, PLUS standard design documentation, E911 advice, migration quirk FAQs, LDAP Direct Routing info, DID ports details, and much, much more
With the introduction of collaboration to your overall communications stack, there are many additional considerations IT and InfoSec teams need to keep in mind. With increased collaboration and visibility, it’s important to also continue to reduce risk exposure. The Collaboration Security RightTrack™ focuses on managing the balance between collaboration and security for organizations using Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack, and Workplace by Facebook. To do this, our consultants help teams create a collaboration information map that will lead to a living policy model for stakeholders.  The resulting map and policy model can then be easily applied to the creation of collaboration security policies and regular governance reviews and audits. The end goal is to increase InfoSec awareness relating to the collaboration workloads without limiting the productivity benefits of workstream collaboration applications. Get More Details >>
Networks must be regularly optimized for collaboration and communications systems. A bandwidth planning assessment can help you prepare to align with your cloud service provider’s recommendations. Traditional corporate WANs route traffic back to headquarter data centers, which can create long delays, decreasing video and voice quality for systems like Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

As part of an overall Network Readiness Service Unify Square experts:

  • conduct a WAN/Wi-Fi/Internet simulation to allow for network assessment for on-premises, hybrid, and cloud environments
  • test for and measure: signal strength, latency, jitter, packet loss, same channel overlap, audio quality degradation, and connected access
  • provide network recommendations
  • highlight customized reporting and analytics to help ensure your team is ready for business success with your system deployment
At Unify Square, we understand that your needs may not fit neatly into any one of our above packaged signature services. With Bespoke Consulting, our certified experts can create a customized service to help you tackle any challenge. Whether it’s to plan, deploy, adopt, operate, evolve, or even upgrade your existing unified communications or workstream collaboration software, we’ve got a team that can help. By leveraging our expertise to help assess your communications and collaboration roadmap, you’ll be able to excel across the board: strategy and design, implementation and deployment, user experience, or even analytics and operations. Unify Square’s consulting services provide health and stability insurance, scalable operational efficiency, improved end user adoption, and significant cost savings.

The unique PowerSuite technology provides an expansive single pane view, spanning over six different application platforms from four different industry-leading software vendors.  View all platforms.

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It doesn’t matter if you have just made the decision to deploy Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack or any number of collaborations and communications you will almost certainly need assistance and expertise to help you. Either way our expert consulting services offer you the technical experience to establish and optimize your platforms across your organization.  It doesn’t matter if you are deploying on-premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid solution our consultants can help.
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