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Pre Covid-19 statistics showed over 70% of professionals conducted remote meetings or worked from home (WFH) for at least one day each week. However, in the wake of Covid-19, whole companies are working from home, and they’re doing so 100% of the time. 

Learn more about what Unify Square and our PowerSuite software and managed services are doing to empower enterprise IT to manage complex work-from-home scenarios.

work from home hybrid approach, work from home tech support

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PowerSuite Offer

Unify Square offers FREE PowerSuite for Healthcare, Education and Government Institutions. The software will give your IT admins complete visibility into Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom.

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A high-touch end-user support service to proactively reach out to and assist all employees in an organization with their individual remote meetings & teleconferencing issues. This is a low cost and limited-time paid engagement.

A regular profile of all Zoom users (and guests) joining meetings in an organization, highlighting their specific client version installed. This report will continue to be enhanced as customer needs evolve. This service requires a PowerSuite license, however we offer a free 30-day trial.

A regular report surfacing unauthorized usage of Zoom (but expanding soon to cover other UC and Collaboration platforms). Shadow IT Scout identifies usage trends, as well as billing owners for rapid remediation. This entry-level PowerSuite app is available initially for FREE, but will require paid upgrades when additional platforms are added. 

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We have been deeply invested in helping our customers and the market work through remote work issues from Day 1 of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Enterprise IT is dealing with new, untested, unforeseen, and uncertain scenarios relating to security vulnerabilities, capacity issues, and user training. 

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Enhancing UC and UCaaS platforms for Remote Workers with PowerSuite

With employees working remotely, ensuring high-functioning Unified Communications (UC) and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platforms is more important than ever before. Remote workers rely heavily on video conferencing for their daily meetings that were previously conducted in person. Despite less control over the environment, IT is still responsible for ensuring quality UC experiences.

  • Scaling Rapidly
  • Executive Experiences
  • Shadow IT

Challenge: Can your infrastructure handle the sudden increase in load caused by a move to remote work?

  • Bandwidth and capacity requirements dramatically shift
  • Poor Wi-Fi connections with WFH employees can wreak havoc on cloud deployments

PowerSuite helps in identifying high-impact bottlenecks reducing call quality.

Challenge: VIP users are always a handful for IT, but remote work introduces even more problems.
  • Top level executives still expect high quality UC experiences while working from home.
  • IT has less control over the UC environment with employees on external networks.
PowerSuite offers proactive tracking of selected groups of users so IT can reach out before the nasty phone call. By identifying areas for quick remediation, PowerSuite helps IT keep these high-touch users happy.
Challenge: IT teams must understand which applications are in use and how widely they’ve spread throughout the organization.
  • Remote end-users are now even more likely to pick up unsanctioned applications as they adjust to a work from home environment.
  • UC applications not actively managed by IT can pose a major security issue, as end-users fail to put the proper settings in place.
PowerSuite Shadow IT Scout identifies unsanctioned adoption of popular UC platforms so IT can choose to take control of application security.

PowerSuite Cloud Managed Services for UC and UCaaS

Is your department struggling to keep up with the demands of a newly remote workforce? Enjoy peace of mind with 24x7x365 PowerSuite Cloud Managed Services. Our operations engineers are experts at not only keeping your UC or UCaaS environment up and running, but also proactively improving call quality. PowerSuite Cloud Managed Services goes the extra mile, resolving issues with platform and hardware vendors to save IT another headache.

work from home hybrid approach, work from home tech support

Remote Work Collaboration, Enabled with PowerSuite

With a constant stream of channel messages, exchanges of files, and rapid chat threads, workstream collaboration is at the heart of remote work. Platforms like Microsoft Teams have seen spikes in the number of daily users as IT teams rush to deploy these vital tools to employees. Because these platforms are essential to enabling remote work, IT must take measures to properly administer and secure workstream collaboration.

  • Collaboration Security
  • User Adoption
  • Workspace Sprawl

Challenge: Rapid deployment is often antithetical to careful policy management.

  • Security issues around guest access or over-permissioned users create major blind spots.
  • The increasing size of the environment introduces additional risk surface area.
PowerSuite identifies collaboration security anomalies and alerts IT to top problem areas. A unique monitor, measure, manage approach allows IT to balance risk with end-user productivity.

Challenge: While most remote employees rapidly adopt workstream collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams, there are always outliers who struggle with this new technology.

  • How do you identify end-users who are excluded from the vital information exchanged via workstream collaboration?
  • How do you address their ongoing issues to reconnect them?

PowerSuite’s advanced adoption metrics identify individuals, teams, or departments with low usage. To aid struggling users, PowerSuite’s Help Desk allows IT to view recent experiences of individual workers.

Challenge: Creating new teams or channels is easy. However, after they’ve served their purpose, few end-users think to delete or archive them. With deployments rapidly increasing in size, the number of workspaces balloons until it’s out of control.

  • Inactive teams and channels pose a security risk, as the content remains accessible.
  • Usability issues arise as end-users struggle to find the appropriate teams and channels.

PowerSuite identifies inactive workspaces for rapid IT remediation and alerts IT when the number of inactive workspaces reaches a problematic threshold.

PowerSuite Cloud Managed Services for Collaboration​

Is your department overwhelmed by workstream collaboration issues and requests? Let PowerSuite Cloud Managed Services handle the environment for you. Our expert operations engineers are available 24x7x365 to fulfill provisioning requests, proactively monitor collaboration security, and troubleshoot difficult-to-resolve problems. With support for multiple collaboration and communications platforms, PowerSuite Cloud Managed Services offers a centralized solution with a predictable cost model.

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Remote work Offers, downloads, and assistance for remote meetings and WFH scenarios

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Remote work Offers, downloads, and assistance for remote meetings and WFH scenarios

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