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Our meeting room management solutions makes it easier and more cost-effective to manage and secure Zoom, Teams and Skype for Business room systems while improving and streamlining the way people are communicating and collaborating today.

meeting room management
meeting room management

Cost-Effective Meeting Room Management


By 2024, remote work and changing workforce demographics will impact enterprise meetings so that only 25% will take place in person, down from 60% today. 


The growing popularity of Zoom, Teams and video conferencing in general is driving increased usage of Room Systems in organizations, which, in turn exponentially increases support needs and associated costs. 


PowerSuite Cloud Managed Services is expanding its reach to offer proactive 24×7 meeting room management for Zoom, Teams and Skype for Business to help businesses reduce their costs. 

How We're Different

meeting room management

Purpose-built for Room Systems

PowerSuite Room solutions for Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business have been specifically engineered to address today’s meeting room challenges.

meeting room management

Multi-Platform Management

PowerSuite embraces, extends, and simplifies the story by offering a single enhanced solution, which allows for analytics visibility across all platforms. 

meeting room management

Support for All Rooms

The PowerSuite solution provides services and support for ALL types of rooms — from Huddle Rooms, to Standard Conference Rooms to Executive Conference Rooms. 

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The new Zoom Room is setup, the legacy Skype for Business meeting rooms are still working, and the flood of new Microsoft Teams Room systems are fully deployed.  What’s next?  A next generation meeting room management service to keep everything running in top shape 24×7, of course! 

Most meeting room management service providers’ support for room systems offerings for room systems are delivered as one-off, bespoke consulting engagements targeted at individual UC platforms. PowerSuite for Room Systems is a standardized service specifically engineered for multi-platform room systems. 

Meeting Room Management

Monitor call and conference quality during peak remote work times ensuring everyone can be productive.

Room Types and Hardware Types

PowerSuite for Room Systems offerings multi-platform support for any Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR), Skype Room Systems (SRS) or Zoom Room platform

PowerSuite CMS, our meeting room management system provides support for Aver, DTen, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft Teams Room hardwareNeat, Zoom Room hardware, and other platforms support targeting systems from Crestron, Poly, Logitech and Yealink devices.

The Unify Square secret sauce for meeting room management solution is not just skilled and experienced operations engineers, it’s also the innovative PowerSuite software.  Here’s just a small taste of what PowerSuite software targets for Zoom Conference Room (and other Room Systems) monitoring and management: 

360-Degree X-platform View

Instant visibility across all platform environments supported by PowerSuite.

Adoption & ROI Reporting

Availability pattern and trend analytics to optimize conference room usage.

Room Problem Management

Ability to drill down from a monitoring alert to troubleshoot and remediate issues.

Service Health Dashboard

Roll-up and drill down details regarding the ‘availability’ of Zoom, Skype and Teams rooms.

Tracking Dashboard

Targeted list of priority rooms to spotlight availability and enable quick troubleshooting.

Hardware & Firmware Alerting

Instantly identify if room or software or hardware needs attention or updating.

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PowerSuite Cloud Managed Services combines software, certified operations engineers and processes to create the industry’s leading meting room management service for collaboration and communications platforms.

Talk to one of our PowerSuite CMS Service Delivery Managers to learn more about how Unify Square can help you decrease your Zoom Room troubleshooting time, while increasing your end user video conferencing satisfaction.
Meeting Room Management
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