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Unify Square’s PowerSuite™ software, cloud managed services, room systems management and their consulting services are broadly used in most major verticals. Don’t miss the opportunity to utilize our collaboration and communications expertise to increase your platform ROI and continue to delight your users.

Banking and Financial Services

As virtual banking and mobile investing create increased demands on financial institutions, the need for collaboration and communications systems to create seamless, high-quality connections in a secure, uninterrupted environment is high.

To help meet these requirements, Unify Square offers banking and financial institutions the option to save hundreds of thousands of dollars by preempting phone system outages, quickly identifying fraudulent usage of systems, reducing onboarding errors, and anticipating and mitigating collaboration security risks. PowerSuite software helps deliver quality communications for both bank employees and your customers, so you can continue building trusted relationships.

Company Case Studies

Unify Square’s software and services optimize and enhance the world’s largest collaboration and communication deployments, helping businesses manage and secure their meetings, chats, and calls.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Workstream collaboration application platforms are empowering employees at consumer-packaged foods firms, helping to drive the growth of the CPG industry as it doubled in size over the last decade. Well-integrated collaboration and communications systems are crucial for CPG companies to survive and thrive in today’s digital workplace.   

Utilizing workstream collaboration app platforms can play a monumental role in the development of consumer goods. Collaboration increases the pace of innovation as meetings, chats, and calls enable global enterprises to collaborate internally as well as gather external partner and consumer feedback. At Unify Square, we help you take your success a few steps further by managing, amplifying, and securing your collaboration platforms to ensure ongoing business success.


Digital transformation has even found its way to the government vertical, and with that comes digital workers. Government agencies who turn to collaboration and communications systems have the advantage of reaching citizens who may be using platforms like Microsoft Teams or Slack. It’s crucial that government agencies have a successfully deployed collaboration system with voice and video working flawlessly, while still meeting security and compliance regulations.

Unify Square software + services ensure that government agencies do not experience interruptions, that voice communications are delivered with clarity, and that data risk is reduced with collaboration security measures in place. Whether it be an emergency broadcast, a local town hall, or Q&A with the governor, we help you deliver reliable collaboration and communications experiences.

PowerSuite Overview

PowerSuite software creates a unified set of dashboards to surface actionable insights and help to monitor, analyze, and manage a myriad of different collaboration and communications platforms.


Administration issues within the dynamic energy industry can be IT manager’s worst nightmare: shifting headcount, rapid changes, a slew of licensing needs, and business pressure to keep costs down are just a few of the balls being juggled. End users require applications that enable reliable, rapid, and constant collaboration and communication in today’s fast-paced industries. If an operation reaches a bottleneck, it can be dangerous and costly if status updates can’t be quickly communicated at scale.

Availability of solutions 24/7 means that tools need to be in place that monitor for dropped calls, voice quality faults, or potential collaboration security risks. With Unify Square, even oil drillers on rigs far out to sea can be assured of high-quality communications, and users spread across global corporate offices can efficiently collaborate to amp up productivity.

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

Healthcare systems have recently been experiencing technological transformations. Enthusiastic responses have been heard from healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, payers, software developers, and device manufacturers. Empowering health organizations with secure messaging and AI-powered tools is becoming the new norm in providing top-of-the-line care and efficient interactions. Yet, providing collaboration tools requires serious thought in the healthcare arena. Patient privacy and compliance are risk factors, and a seamless communications experience is essential to preventing disgruntled patients and external partners.

With Unify Square’s software, managed services, and consulting, we help mitigate any potential risks of collaboration app usage while ensuring healthcare and pharmaceutical companies have easy access through voice, video, and file sharing for critical information exchanges. Our technology and expertise offer an extra layer of insurance that users will experience consistent service and availability. This “first-time-right” guarantee is essential when someone’s life or the development of a new drug depend on quality connections.

Consulting Overview

Getting ready to dive into new platforms for workstream collaboration? Our unified communications experts have been busy developing their skillsets to cover the workstream collaboration arena so that you don’t have to. 

Manufacturing and Logistics

Time to market can make or break a brand or product. Because of this, leading manufacturing companies are reevaluating how employees work together. With collaboration and communications platforms, employees can work better together by increasing the flexibility for how teams communicate.

Manufacturing and logistics companies may rely on Skype for Business for international calls, or Microsoft Teams and Slack for a workspace to collaborate and easily hop from messages to voice and video. In either case, Unify Square plays an important role in guaranteeing that these collaboration and communications platforms are always available, and that users have the positive experiences needed for the production and shipping of goods.


Utility workers, whether in the field or at the office, rely on timely communication exchanges to problem-solve and ensure always-on service for hundreds of thousands of consumers. Utility providers are often under time-sensitive and tight deadlines where having persistent chat, file sharing, and access to voice play a huge role in deliverability and business decisions.

Unify Square’s software, managed services, and consulting facilitate reliable global communications by assessing network glitches and provide guidance and industry best practices for improving the critical collaboration and communications that must occur to resolve issues impacting public-facing systems and resources.

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