PowerSuite™ Shadow IT Scout

Discover unauthorized application usage

PowerSuite™ Shadow IT Scout reveals security blind spots by surfacing usage of unsanctioned collaboration and communications platforms. Identify account owners, as well as individual users engaging on these platforms. Take back control of your UC environment with Shadow IT Scout.


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Shadow IT Challenges

Shadow IT is a major security issue. End-users looking to complete their work download applications without considering the security ramifications. In fact, Gartner estimates that in 2020, a third of successful cyber attacks will center on data in Shadow IT applications. With a Covid 19-prompted move to remote work, Shadow IT is more common than ever before.

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PowerSuite Shadow IT Scout Helps IT Take Control

Discover and remediate unsanctioned application adoption. Shadow IT Scout helps IT determine whether a critical mass of users are engaging with unauthorized collaboration and communications platforms. This vital data allows IT to decide whether to support the application or remove it from the environment. Most importantly, Shadow IT Scout uncovers security blind spots.

Configuration Woes

Even applications that can be secured like Zoom or Slack, often aren’t when end-users are left to control the settings themselves. Misconfiguration leaves organizations wide open for an attack.

Risk Surface Area

Each new application introduces additional surface area of risk, especially when it comes to collaboration. Publicly shared documents and searchable meeting links are common problems.

Rising Costs

Large organizations often have multiple instances of common Shadow IT applications. Beyond security, this results in inefficiency in billing and ballooning costs.

How Shadow IT Scout Works

Utilizing an algorithm to perform a scan of email metadata, Shadow IT Scout identifies users engaging with unified communications and collaboration platforms (version 1 initially only tracks the Zoom platform) not supported by IT.

With easy bi-weekly email reports, IT can track adoption trends throughout their organization. Shadow IT Scout gives IT teams the information to take back control of their UC environments.

Security Considerations

Security is top priority at Unify Square. PowerSuite Shadow IT Scout takes precautions to keep your data secure. The first step in this data security is minimizing the information that is stored by the application. The only information stored is the Microsoft user identifier.

Additional data is collected, analyzed, and aggregated, and this is limited to specific email fields: To, From, and Subject Line. Aggregated data is transmitted via secure transport using HTTPS with TLS 1.2, then stored and encrypted at rest. IT can additionally limit PowerSuite Shadow IT Scout to run only on a subset of users.

Shadow IT Scout Requirements

Shadow IT Scout can only be enabled by an Office 365 administrator.

Shadow IT Scout only works for customers running Exchange Online.

Note: You will need to know the name of your Office 365 Tenant ID (Also known as the Azure Tenant Id) before completing this form. If you do not know this, please contact your Office 365 administrator.

Got Questions?

Want more details? Got questions? Curious when PowerSuite Shadow IT Scout will be available for other platforms?  We would be happy to help. 

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