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Proactive UC & Collaboration Insights Reports

PowerSuite Start software delivers a small, but strategically significant sampling of our industry-leading PowerSuite software toolset directly to your inbox. We’ve created this free entry-level series of short reports to provide unique insights into your environment.

Meet PowerSuite Start — Free Solution

We’ve created PowerSuite Start to bring advanced analytics directly to your inbox. PowerSuite Start features exclusive reports and functionality to optimize your UC and collaboration environment, quickly and simply.

Go beyond out-of-the-box reporting and discover how end-users are utilizing Zoom, for both meetings and phone. This high-level summary shows important metrics around conferencing minutes, video usage, and much more.

Is your organization following best practices for Zoom security? We highlight where settings differ from industry recommendations, as well as where users have settings that deviate from organizational defaults.

Ensure end-to-end service availability for your Microsoft Phone System with proactive monitoring. Real-time alerting helps you identify and remediate ongoing issues.

Track the numbers of authenticated and unauthenticated guests dialing in for Zoom meetings as well as the per department usage for your organization. Receive unique insights on guest activity.

Resolve problems proactively, before end-users are impacted with end-to-end coverage. Our unique blend of synthetics alerts you to Zoom Phone issues in your environment.

PowerSuite™ Shadow IT Scout reveals security blind spots by surfacing usage of unsanctioned collaboration and communications platforms.

PowerSuite Start Requirements

PowerSuite Start has been designed to work with paid versions of Zoom and Microsoft Teams. To use PowerSuite Start, you must have paid licenses for the following:

To receive the Usage Summary, Guest Summary, and Security Settings reports for Zoom, you must have either Zoom Meeting Pro, Business, or Enterprise licenses.

To enable Zoom Monitoring and receive alerts on end-to-end availability, you must have Zoom Phone Licenses.

To enable Microsoft Teams Monitoring and receive Alerts of Teams outages, you must have either Microsoft’s Teams Calling Plan or Business Voice Licenses.

What to Expect with
PowerSuite Start

PowerSuite Start delivers a variety of email-based reports. From understanding Zoom usage to proactive alerting on cloud phone service availability, PowerSuite Start gives you key insights into your UC environment. With some quick configuration, it’s easy to get started and doesn’t require any downloads.

  • Zoom Usage Summary
  • Zoom Usage Summary Part 2

How it Works

Once you have downloaded your FREE version of PowerSuite Start, begin your journey to managing, analyzing, and securing UC and collaboration platforms:


Once you approve the necessary permissions, our team collects some additional configuration information.


Then, our software analyzes your environment using available APIs.


From there, you’re all set to receive the reports to help you optimize your environment.


PowerSuite Start delivers instant insights to your inbox.

  1. New customers must provide one button click approval to connect PowerSuite to Zoom to enable data retrieval.
  2. Some customers may not be eligible to receive PowerSuite Start based on system configurations or customer size.
  3. The duration of the PowerSuite Start subscription may be limited due to ZOOM or Teams API constraints.

What’s the best part about PowerSuite Start? After signing up, you’ll automatically get access to new reports and functionality as they become available. Our team is excited to introduce more ways to manage, analyze, and secure your UC and collaboration environment.

Experience PowerSuite’s
Full Capabilities

There is no one size fits all when it comes to managing or securing UC and collaboration platforms. The PowerSuite Collaboration Management and Security Suite offers a wide-ranging set of solutions to monitor and maintain UC and collaboration platforms.

PowerSuite Start subscribers are eligible for discounted upgrades to the full PowerSuite packages.

Reporting and Analytics
Achieve 360° root cause visibility of your platform’s environment, transforming the troubleshooting experience and enabling comprehensive operational excellence. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll get: Usage and Adoption, Benchmarking, Call Reporting, System Troubleshooting, Problem Management, Service Reviews, License Management.

Learn More

Don’t just troubleshoot performance issues. Stay one step ahead of system and user problems by following PowerSuite’s actionable insights, allowing for smart and quick remediation. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll get: End-to-End Availability, SBC Monitoring.

Learn More

User Experience
Analyze the communications experience of the end user from the desktop backwards to the cloud, ensuring final mile user satisfaction and ongoing system effectiveness. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll get: Help Desk, User Satisfaction, Executive Experience Tracking.

Learn More

Policy Management
Ensure consistent collaboration security and governance across multiple platforms by empowering IT with the tools to easily create, deploy, and monitor policies. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll get: Guest Access, Workspace Policies, User Policies, Auditing, Compliance.

Learn More

Automation and Administration
Simple and streamlined workflows allow IT to work better, smarter, and faster to administer their UC and collaboration platforms. Take control of your multi-vendor environment with a single pane of glass to boost management to the next level. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll get: Phone Number Management, Device Management, User Provisioning.

Learn More

Room Systems
Issues with room systems impact more users than those with any other endpoint. Move from reactive to proactive monitoring and management of quality with solutions aimed at ensuring top-notch room experiences. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll get: Room Monitoring and Problem Management, Room Experience Tracking.  

Learn More

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Standard Edition

PowerSuite’s entry level paid toolset with full monitoring, reporting and analytics solutions.

Enterprise Edition

PowerSuites’ advanced software suite incorporating solutions from all 6 solution categories. Learn More.

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PowerSuite’s top of the line offering pairing all software solutions with our 24x7 Cloud Managed Services.Learn More.

PowerSuite Start software delivers a small, but strategically significant sampling of our industry-leading PowerSuite software toolset directly to your inbox. We’ve created this free entry-level series of short reports to provide unique insights into your environment.

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