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PowerSuite™ Innovation
Unify Square’s patented technology sets us apart in the industry. Today’s communications and collaboration environments are complex. IT requires tools that can quickly aggregate, simplify, and deliver visibility and actionable insights.

Data Consolidation and Acceleration

Our technology is built around an enterprise-scale data warehouse, which collects data from a wide-ranging set of sources. The system then leverages advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning technology, and proprietary clustering algorithms to enable data mining for fast, on-demand visibility into all platform environment reporting regardless of the data set size. Data sources include:

  • Workstream Collaboration platforms and clients
  • Unified Communications platforms and clients 
  • QoE, CDR, real-time telemetry, call history, conferencing data streams
  • IP Phones
  • Headsets

PowerSuite Technology Building Blocks


Our technology features a built-in rules and analytics engine to monitor overall media quality – the absence of latency, jitter, and other media distortions. This engine allows PowerSuite to measure the call quality at a per-user, per-endpoint level as well as at a system level. PowerSuite then aggregates data across the various platforms and leverages machine learning algorithms to deliver statistical comparisons for different sites and identification of trends and patterns. The ability to simultaneously view and diagnose UC and WSC application platform and network infrastructure issues affecting call quality is critical to the overall health of your WSC or UC system.


The ability to measure and compare overall system health as well as overall user experience is the key to ensuring overall end user satisfaction. PowerSuite technology creates a set of unique system and end user indices. These indices measure and compare the way your system is being used and how it is performing. The technology also provides insights by location, network classification, and user, which feed key telemetry into our solutions. The results facilitate data-driven capacity planning, reporting, and scoring to right-size your infrastructure spend. Proprietary algorithms filter for total potential user impact of the various WSC or UC platforms by examining historic statistical markers across all sites and helping to prioritize actionability.


Our award-winning proprietary algorithm creates a unique, crowd-sourced aggregated benchmarking system which allows IT to quickly understand how their environments are performing in relation to other PowerSuite-using peer companies, or relative to other geolocations within a single company. The ability to analyze against an industry standard or to compare Skype for Business versus Microsoft Teams or Teams versus Slack within a single organization is unmatched in the industry and allows administrators to make quick adjustments to systems, user training and education, and overall transformation pace.

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