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Unify Square’s patented technology sets us apart in the industry.
Today’s communications and collaboration environments are complex. IT requires tools that can quickly aggregate, simplify, and deliver visibility and actionable insights.

meeting room management

Our technology is built around an enterprise-scale data warehouse, which collects data from a wide-ranging set of sources. The system then leverages advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning technology, and proprietary clustering algorithms to enable data mining for fast, on-demand visibility into all platform environment reporting regardless of the data set size. Data sources include:

Meeting Room Management

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PowerSuite Technology Building Blocks

The unique PowerSuite technology provides an expansive single pane view, spanning over six different application platforms from four different industry-leading software vendors.  View all platforms.

Meeting Room Management

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Your One Tool to Monitor, Analyze, and Secure Collaboration & Communications Environments

Learn how PowerSuite, our industry-leading solution can improve your workstream collaboration and unified communications performance. Request a personalized demo, tailored just for you. 

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