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Employee Spotlight

Our employees are our biggest asset and come from many backgrounds and places. Across the globe, we’ve hired people from various walks of life: some from hi-tech companies, some with a passion for UC, some who are just getting started in the space, others who were part of the original Microsoft Lync team, and even a few who moved to a new country just to work at Unify Square! No matter their background, they all have an opportunity to improve the daily communications for millions of Skype for Business users and that’s no small feat!


Meet some of our team members

Andreas, Sr. Development Program Manager, Switzerland

Andreas“At Unify Square we have exciting opportunities to build game changing UC products and services for the global market. I like working in a globally distributed and talented team to deliver great products and services in the Unified Communication space.”



Dimitri, General Manager, Cloud Managed Services, U.S.A.

Dimitri“One of the most satisfying aspects of my job is getting down in the details to help our customers troubleshoot issues. It’s the ‘ah-ha’ moment when I know they have a solution and are making their users happy.”




Jochen, Vice President, EMEA

Jochen2“My job offers me the freedom to make decisions that impact our business. Every day, I handle various types of requests that vary widely. While I often travel in my position, one of the most memorable trips was to meet the Unify Square team in New Delhi.”



Nisha, Cloud Managed Services NOC Manager, India

“I’ve spent almost my entire career working with Skype for Business, and I chose to work with this technology because of its compelling ability to connect people.  Working here at Unify Square, with the PowerSuite platform at my fingertips, I love how I’m able to provide intelligent guidance to our customers to drive immediate resolution.  Even more importantly, its great to be able to help ensure that our customers’ end users are able to seamlessly communicate.”


Miranda, Office Coordinator, U.S.A.

Miranda“From the minute I log in to the minute I log off at Unify Square, I find myself doing a wide variety of different tasks throughout the day, and I love it! It’s great to stay busy and I love challenging myself with different projects. Unify Square is different from my last job because there is so much upward mobility. Not only am I able to think outside the box, but I am able to grow with the company and show my true potential.”


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