Skype for Business Mobile Report

Usage and Adoption, Satisfaction and Inhibitors.

This survey, conducted by Osterman Research, has uncovered trends in the deployment of the Skype for Business mobile client as well as the state of mobile usage, adoption and satisfaction. The key findings reveal that mobile use of Skype for Business is expected to nearly double by 2018.

But while organizations view the mobile client as an essential component in their overall UC strategy, there are significant quality and service health management issues that need to be resolved before IT departments can commit to enterprise-wide rollouts.

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Thank you for requesting the Skype for Business Mobile Report. The whitepaper focuses on key takeaways of the Skype for Business mobile client. Interestingly the Mobile Client is often only a VIP deployment, many IT departments are opting to initially roll to just select or “VIP” users rather than corporate-wide. And Unbeknownst to IT, many mobile users are bypassing the Skype for Business mobile client in favor of easier to use/understand consumer chat applications, such as Whatsapp.

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Microsoft Taps PowerSuite Monitoring Solution

To develop, deliver and support its vast array of enterprise-class products and services, Microsoft IT must provide seamless global communications for nearly 200,000 employees, contractors and vendors on a daily basis. Supporting this massive user base is a 16-person IT team that specifically oversees global service delivery and availability of Skype for Business.

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