Global Food Industry Giant Chooses PowerSuite™

For one of the largest European-headquartered food industry corporations in the world, coordinating offices, factories and R&D centers in more than 160 countries and across thousands of household brands required enablement and maintenance of seamless global communications. With legacy messaging, conferencing and phone systems hindering efficient day-to-day business operations, the organization’s IT department recognized the need to transform its communications platforms.

The project would involve a two-phase effort of first optimizing voice quality and service availability for Skype for Business (SfB) IM and conferencing, followed by a complicated transition across 1,300 sites from legacy phone systems to SfB’s Enterprise Voice. With the topline priorities of containing disruption and ensuring seamless UC operations and high voice quality for users throughout the duration of the project, the company initially tapped Unify Square’s PowerSuite™ Cloud Managed Services in October 2015 to support this major effort.

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Food Industry Giant Chooses PowerSuite™ For UC Managed Services

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