The State of UC Adoption Whitepaper

Key Insights into IT and End-User Behaviors and Attitudes.

This whitepaper is still one of our most popular downloads. The whitepaper talks about the growing trend of “IT perception versus end-user reality” emerging in enterprises with unified communication (UC) systems. IT lacks accurate insights (although they don’t really know it) into the end user experience, most notably as it relates to user access to training materials as well as daily usage trends and satisfaction.

But despite this disconnect, UC does make for a more productive workforce according to both IT and end-users.

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Thank you for requesting the State of UC Adoption whitepaper. This report presents and discusses the results of a survey conducted by Unify Square during the Microsoft Ignite conference. The research targeted both IT administrators of UC (Unified Communications) systems as well as end-users of UC systems to compare and contrast viewpoints and action-oriented approaches to working with various UC platforms.

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Microsoft Taps PowerSuite Monitoring Solution

To develop, deliver and support its vast array of enterprise-class products and services, Microsoft IT must provide seamless global communications for nearly 200,000 employees, contractors and vendors on a daily basis. Supporting this massive user base is a 16-person IT team that specifically oversees global service delivery and availability of Skype for Business.

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