UC System Ground Zero = A Pristine and Robust Network

What is the capacity and capability of your network?

As more and more companies look to invest in unified communications, it becomes crucial (even for UCaaS/cloud environments) for IT teams to have a clear understanding of network capabilities to ensure a successful deployment. Tune in to hear from our experts and learn exactly how to ensure your network readiness.

What We’ll Cover:

  • Realizing your investment in UC: driving user adoption
  • Real-time media: the challenges of running voice and video on your network
  • Network readiness: understanding the demands that will be placed on your network
  • Simulation: proving your hard work has paid off
  • Measuring success: determining progress working to go further

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UC System Ground Zero = A Pristine and Robust Network


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Unify Square has evolved its range of offerings to now support Microsoft Teams. We have expanded our Consulting Services, and our Cloud Managed Services and are in the process of expanding our software suite, PowerSuite to support Teams.

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