PowerSuite delivers real UC value in five key solution categories:

Skype for Business Analytics

Data analytics is the gateway to insight for today’s businesses, however the volume and complexity increases which accompany the rise of big data pose challenges to smart management and control. By leveraging a combination of our Azure-hosted UC-CoreTM technology and years of benchmarking data, Unify Square’s Skype for Business Analytics solutions help beat these challenges leading to significant service improvements. Unlike simple plug and play analytics offerings, PowerSuiteTM Analytics solutions help a thinly stretched IT staff, whose responsibilities also often include Skype for Business provisioning, prioritize and more effectively target troubleshooting of voice quality and service availability issues, reveal information that would otherwise remain hidden, and deliver prioritized prescriptive guidance to improve overall SfB health.

PowerSuite Analytics Solutions

Service Health

No matter if you’ve deployed Skype for Business or Skype for Business Online, you can realize your full UC potential with a “single pane of glass” view (including detailed geo-heatmap drill-downs and global filtering visibility) of your SfB health. Our Service Health solution gives your IT service manager the power to visualize key information across the SfB service layer. The Unify Square three KPI (service availability, voice quality, and user satisfaction) focus rolls up our synthetic transaction analytics to trace availability, aggregates jitter, packet loss and latency data to track voice quality, and provides a single view of your end user satisfaction index. The resulting visibility and insights allow IT to make informed decisions about overall system health and take appropriate action.

Insights Center

Even the most well-managed Skype for Business environments still have regular issues crop up which challenge IT’s ability to quickly and efficiently prioritize their troubleshooting process. The Insights Center solution creates a centralized hub for IT to view a prioritized list of technical and system-related problems in the SfB environment requiring attention, along with clear workflow-oriented actions to resolve. The solution uses machine learning, a continuously evolving set of rules, and proprietary UC-CoreTM technology algorithms to highlight and surface the most critical issues and actions of which IT should be aware.  Insights Center helps reduce TCO, letting IT choose when, how and who will fix these key SfB issues, based on time and resource demands.

Operations Dashboard

Troubleshooting a Skype for Business problem can be complicated. To simplify the puzzle consider the Operations Dashboard solution as your next-gen troubleshooting prioritization guide. Rather than forcing the SfB engineer to wade through reams of reports and trouble tickets, this single solution employs deep data analytics to analyze all factors that could be affecting SfB media quality.  The solution leverages our patented UC-CoreTM technology algorithms to identify the top problem areas, from outdated Wi-Fi drivers or client versions, to incorrect protocol usage, to inconsistent wireless internal to server communications. The resulting telemetry and insights guide IT through the optimal set of steps to keep SfB systems running strong.  Operations Dashboard offers detailed geo-heatmap drill-downs, as well as global filtering visibility (a feature also available in the following solutions:  Service Health, Executive Dashboard, Billing Records, Usage & Adoption Dashboard, Device Management, Phone Number Management and Provisioning & Policy Compliance Management.

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Accelerate to a healthy UC run-state

Take control of your UC environment and go from zero to actionable insights in hours, by quickly deploying PowerSuite. With 360-degree, single-pane visibility and monitoring of your Skype for Business operations, identifying ways to improve service quality and health has never been so easy. PowerSuite’s real-time information delivery of system and end user-focused metrics will help turn you into an IT hero.

360 degree visibility

Provides a “single pane of glass” view of the SfB ecosystem and identifies opportunities to achieve a healthy run state at scale

Multiple roles, multiple lifecycles support

Aligns specific solutions with SfB IT roles and adds value across the full deployment lifecycle

Right time, right focus

Delivers an ideal cadence of real-time and historical data based on the proper balance of system and end user telemetry

Enhanced cloud services

Ensures SfB is monitored and managed regardless of server location

Maximize UC Performance

In 30 minutes or less, discover how PowerSuiteTM can open up a whole new world of Skype for Business optimization for your organization.

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