PowerSuite Cloud Managed Services and Add-Ons accelerate SfB ROI

Skype for Business and Teams

PowerSuite proactive Cloud Managed Services for Skype for Business (SfB), Skype for Business Online (SfB Online) & Teams provide 24×7 patching, configuration management, monitoring and diagnostics from our Network Operations Center (NOC). Unify Square experts deliver rapid resolution and root cause analysis based on Unified Communications (UC) diagnostics and Skype for Business troubleshooting.

This is not a hosted platform (all services reside on your premises, in a telco, or in a Microsoft datacenter), but the service solves issues across multiple vendors and handles escalations as needed until the job is done. Your IT staff benefits from our collective experience deploying, supporting, and managing other Skype for Business & Teams systems.

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PowerSuite Managed Services for Teams™

As part of our Cloud Managed Services offerings the PowerSuite Premium package includes PowerSuite Cloud Managed Services for the 24x7x365 soup to nuts administration and maintenance of your Microsoft Teams implementation for both chat as well as conferencing calling and voice functions.

Our Teams managed services include (but aren’t limited to) the following:

  • Migration management (MACD, provisioning, and customer configurations/templates)
  • Teams App Store management
  • Teams/Channel ‘sprawl’ reporting, management and clean-up
  • Teams compliance reporting and oversight
  • Teams support.  Tier 2 escalation, scale management, mobile access and accessibility set-up, Tier 3 and 4 technical support, including Microsoft escalations

White Glove Services TM

PowerSuite White Glove Services™ are comprised of two key elements: Reactive PowerSuite programming and Weekly Operations Reviews:

  • Weekly Operations Reviews: The Operations Reviews for Teams, Skype for Business, Skype for Business Online are weekly recurring conference call sessions led by Unify Square PowerSuite experts who have analyzed a week’s worth of your PowerSuite telemetry. Our experts then provide customized data-driven continuous service improvement recommendations. Armed with this information you can then decide how you will choose to continue to tune your UC environment.
  • Reactive PowerSuite programming: When IT encounters new scenarios relating to your PowerSuite usage requiring software configuration updates reactive programming comes into play. This services allows Unify Square personnel to step in and take care of additional configurations, new monitoring rules, etc.


Proactive Health and Operations Cloud Managed Services

Our certified and experienced NOC and Service Delivery engineers work remotely behind the scenes 24x7x365 to monitor your UC environment and provide full-lifecycle Skype for Business & Teams management. As a PowerSuite customer, you’ll always talk to a Microsoft UC expert the first time. The powerful advantage of leveraging our PowerSuiteTM operations software running as the backbone of this service allows our team to easily automate and scale the UC workload.

PowerSuite Cloud Managed Services is backed by a solid SLA, dramatically reduces downtime, and lets you maintain expected dial-tone service levels. PowerSuite cloud managed services embrace and extend Microsoft SOF (Skype Operations Framework) with a myriad of options for our PowerSuite Special Edition offering.  We provide the industry’s top answer for solving the toughest infrastructure and end-user challenges, while offering great ROI and benefits to the bottom line.

From the UC Library

Microsoft Taps PowerSuite Monitoring Solution

For 3 years Microsoft has relied on PowerSuite to effectively & efficiently monitor service availability. PowerSuite has caught multiple incidents, pinpointing problems with greater accuracy significantly decreasing incident resolution times.

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Cloud Managed Services for Skype for Business and Teams

Learn about our Cloud Managed Services for Skype for Business and Teams

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Entrust your UC Health to the Unify Square Cloud

The monitoring and management technology offered by PowerSuite combined with the collective experience and knowledge of some of the global industry’s elite experts creates an unbeatable managed cloud service.

Health and Stability Insurance

Maintains expected dial-tone service levels by instantly identifying and responding to issues 24x7

Significant Cost Reductions

Increase operating expense predictability and avoid the high costs of a fully-scaled UC IT staff

IT Assistance and Empowerment

Creates competitive advantage by enabling IT to focus on forward-looking strategy and operations areas

User Productivity Improvement

Rapidly addresses end user issues and facilitates culture change for a smooth transition to SfB & Teams

Discover Operational Excellence

Seize control of your day to day Skype for Business and Teams management create the best experience for your end users, while we manage the operational details.

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