PowerSuite delivers real UC value in six key solution categories:

Skype for Business and Teams Monitoring

Skype for Business (SfB) and Teams deployments are a complex mix of hardware, software, and third party services working in concert all day, every day. Issues will inevitably arise and when they do, IT needs to respond with lightning speed to prevent downtime and maintain system health.

The Unify Square PowerSuiteTM monitoring solutions (hosted on Microsoft Azure) let your IT team proactively monitor and diagnose issues in real time with complete visibility to stay abreast of end-to-end system uptime, availability, and performance.

Our system solutions and intelligence enable you to the get the deepest and fastest insights on UC performance issues before they disrupt your users’ experience, thus achieving business goals and protecting brand loyalty.Skype for Business Monitoring

PowerSuite Monitoring Solutions

Monitoring Dashboard

Meet and beat your UC service SLAs every day. The Microsoft unified communications platform will often report “healthy” with traditional tools, yet undetected issues can blindside you. Our Monitoring Dashboard solution uses a unique (and easy to deploy) synthetic transaction monitoring system that regularly mimics typical end user call behaviors around-the-clock and around-the-world, detecting and prioritizing incidents to help stop escalations before they occur.

PowerSuite comes with unlimited rules so IT can instantly initiate availability scenario tests from anywhere in your environment. Troubleshooting is faster as remote probes do not need to be set up. Our patented UC-CoreTM technology uses proven heuristics to give you actionable operational workflows – and the power to troubleshoot voice quality as well as network performance, shorten resolution time, and deliver a world-class UC experience.

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Tracking Dashboard

The Tracking Dashboard solution allows IT to specify a targeted set of users (e.g. VIP users) or conference rooms to track their calls/conferences over a selected time period.  The solution will provide a ‘score” of the users’ experience and flag IT when the scores dip below unacceptable levels. This will allow for proactive troubleshooting to understand who on the call is creating the poor call experience, and for guidance on how to address and resolve.  The solution will also allow for a direct drill-down into the PowerSuite Help Desk solution for further troubleshooting.

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From the UC Library

PowerSuite Overview

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UC Network Assessment Service

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Accelerate to a healthy UC run-state

Take control of your UC environment and go from zero to actionable insights in hours, by quickly deploying PowerSuite. With 360-degree, single-pane visibility and monitoring of your operations, identifying ways to improve service quality and health has never been so easy. PowerSuite’s real-time information delivery of system and end user-focused metrics will help turn you into an IT hero.

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360 degree visibility

Provides a “single pane of glass” view of the SfB & Teams ecosystem and identifies opportunities to achieve a healthy run state at scale

Multiple roles

Aligns specific solutions with SfB & Teams IT roles and adds value across the full deployment lifecycle

Right time, right focus

Delivers an ideal cadence of real-time and historical data based on the proper balance of system and end user telemetry

Cloud services

Ensures SfB & Teams is monitored and managed regardless of server location

Maximize UC Performance

In 60 minutes or less, discover how PowerSuiteTM can open up a whole new world of Skype for Business & Teams optimization for your organization.

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