PowerSuite Cloud Managed Services and Add-Ons accelerate SfB ROI

Skype for Business and Teams Add-On Services

In addition to the core PowerSuite set of services, Unify Square also offers an extended set of enhanced “Add-On Services” which are optional and work to improve the overall enterprise ROI. With the exception of our STA (Site Transformation Acceleratorᵀᴹ) offering, all of the following Add-On services require a pre-purchase of PowerSuite.

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Success Services

PowerSuiteTM includes a set of predetermined installation/setup/configuration, and knowledge transfer services we call Success Services. These services (which include 6 different training modules, weekly on-boarding ‘hand-holding’ sessions and monthly/quarterly service reviews) are required with any PowerSuite purchase, but are charged separately. Coupling our world-class UC consulting experience and insights with our products minimizes turn-up time and maximizes ‘first time right.’

In addition to these ‘standard’ Success Services, we also have the ability to offer a set of Advanced Success Services. Unlike the standard Success Services, these advance services are bespoke and specifically scoped and customized per customer. Examples of Advance Success Services include: PowerSuite provisioning planning, set-up and piloting, broad MACD operations, or custom upgrade or remediation projects.

Site Transformation Acceleratorᵀᴹ

Site Transformation Accelerator (STA) handles site by site deployments of Enterprise Voice for Skype for Business and Teams, standing up either Cloud PBX or on-premise Skype for Business servers in enterprises across the globe. STA is designed to help IT rapidly transform multiple sites simultaneously, while supporting end users and technology systems with optimum performance.

STA can work independently from PowerSuite, but becomes truly most powerful when combined with the data collection and tracking capabilities of PowerSuite providing you with 24×7 expert support to help further automate and stabilize the UC deployment process. STA removes the pressure and complexity from IT, so you can shorten your deployment schedules and save costs.


The optional PowerSuite e-Bonding service electronically bonds your Information Technology System Management (ITSM) tool with the custom Service Now ticketing platform used by Unify Square for the delivery of the PowerSuite cloud managed service. This e-Bonding capability can be easily integrated with other Service Now and/or BMC Remedy systems. The e-Bonding service includes:

  • Access to our Cloud ITSM tool and ongoing support to maintain a bi-directional ticketing exchange between your systems and Unify Square.
  • Three specific ITIL-based workflow processes used in the delivery of the Service:  Service Request, Incident Management and Change Management.

Infrastructure Services

In addition to our core focus on the bounded Skype for Business server environment, Unify Square also offers an optional service for the complete provisioning, maintenance and management of the complete extended SfB ecosystem. This service pushes the Cloud Managed Service sphere of influence to include the following:

  • SBC’s, SBA’s and gateways
  • Video endpoint devices (e.g. Skype for Business Room System)
  • Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition

PowerSuite Infrastructure Services allows IT to benefit from the exact same monitoring, reporting, incident remediation, and health and operations management services as with the core Cloud Managed Services.

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Cloud Managed Services for Skype for Business and Teams

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Entrust your UC Health to the Unify Square Cloud

The monitoring and management technology offered by PowerSuite combined with the collective experience and knowledge of some of the global industry’s elite experts creates an unbeatable managed cloud service.

Health and Stability Insurance

Maintains expected dial-tone service levels by instantly identifying and responding to issues 24x7

Significant Cost Reductions

Increase operating expense predictability and avoid the high costs of a fully-scaled UC IT staff

IT Assistance and Empowerment

Creates competitive advantage by enabling IT to focus on forward-looking strategy and operations areas

User Productivity Improvement

Rapidly addresses end user issues and facilitates culture change for a smooth transition to SfB & Teams

Discover Operational Excellence

Seize control of your day to day Skype for Business and Teams management create the best experience for your end users, while we manage the operational details.

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