UC and Software Defined Networks

SDN solutions sit between the network layer and the application layer to simplify how network traffic is managed and help deliver network operations that are more flexible and cost effective.

By providing automated call admission control (CAC), SDN solutions deliver centralized management while maintaining distributed packet forwarding. This is particularly critical for UC design, such as with Skype for Business or Teams, in that network resources, including bandwidth, are then prioritized and allocated for real-time performance.

SDN plays a critical role in organizations where WiFi is available to end users with multiple devices and who require reliable UC performance. Quality and availability are the two most important areas where voice and video calls require additional focused UC management in order to achieve a meaningful impact for end users. SDN and SDN network virtualization are solutions for issues impacting UC because it works to ensure that the infrastructure interacts with the network in such a way that performance requirements are being met at the application level.

SDN software also provides a viable UC solution for IT teams responsible for the integrity of Skype for Business and/or Teams  because it automatically scales (up or down) based on the usage demands of the system and adjusts the network on demand. This saves IT teams from having to manually configure and adjust the system, which can be complex and time consuming. SDN solutions work well with all manner of network and unified communications architecture, from data centers to WANs, to telecom. Unify Square products and services are also available to help IT teams better operationalize Skype for Business and/or Teams deployments. Our PowerSuiteTM products automate the management of Skype for Business and/or Teams performance, troubleshooting voice quality and service availability for improved user experience.

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