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Achieving Operational Efficiency

IT must navigate many complex systems in order to enable end usersPowerSuite’s administration & automation tools increase IT effectiveness with simple, streamlined workflows across multiple platforms.

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Introducing PowerSuite

PowerSuite is IT’s companion tool to orchestrate and deliver effective, reliable, and secure teamwork across multiple collaboration platforms, spanning both cloud and on-premises environments. Gain a simultaneous, panoramic view of all collaboration and communications platforms, expediting responses to service interruptions and threats.

PowerSuite Key Administration and Automation Benefits

Do More With Less

Today’s IT administrators have been tasked with doing more on a smaller budget. Systems are overburdened as a flood of new platforms and data, driven in part by Shadow IT, have begun streaming in from every corner of the globe. Automation takes IT efficiency to the next level.

The Ever-Growing Admin Surface Area

As collaboration and communications platforms grow in breadth and scope, there is increasingly more surface area to manage and secure. PowerSuite allows IT to administer everything from a single pane of glass, including off-loading some of the burden to key end users.

Phone Number Management

The ability to move beyond using spreadsheets to manage your UC DIDs, directories, and extensions is a game changer. With PowerSuite’s Phone Number Management you can resolve the day-to-day administrative tasks for hundreds of thousands of voice-enabled accounts from a single interface, while reducing the number of help desk escalations. PowerSuite Phone Number Management includes an intuitive wizard for performing bulk actions, automated platform synchronization to automatically resolve AD mismatches, and an API for integration into business tools and scripts.

Device Management

PowerSuite’s Device Management is the first in the industry to target both IP Phones as well as softphones and headsets across an unlimited set of manufacturers and vendors. The management functionality enables both firmware updates as well as phone configuration. PowerSuite works for all platforms, as it applies and pushes these to all phones within an enterprise, all from a single app.

Flexible Policy Enforcement

Not all policies are created equal, and correspondingly, not all policies require the same type of enforcement action. With several enforcement actions which can be combined into customized workflows, PowerSuite ensures a right-size approach to policy enforcement. From reporting to end-user notification to set-and-forget automation, PowerSuite provides IT and InfoSec with the tools needed to balance security and user productivity.

Software & Services

Deliver a significant boost in ROI and end user satisfaction by optimizing your UC and collaboration cloud deployments.

Save hundreds of thousands of dollars by preempting phone system outages, identifying fraudulent usage of systems, and reducing errors.

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