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Take the next step to secure your collaboration environment with advanced governance. PowerSuite makes it easy to create right-size policies designed for real-world scenarios.

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Introducing PowerSuite

PowerSuite is IT’s companion tool to orchestrate and deliver effective, reliable, and secure teamwork across multiple collaboration platforms, spanning both cloud and on-premises environments. Gain a simultaneous, panoramic view of all collaboration and communications platforms, expediting responses to service interruptions and threats.

PowerSuite Key Governance Benefits

Productivity vs Security

The knee-jerk security posture approach often involves limiting end-user capabilities. IT demands tools to carefully navigate the balance between enhancing end-user productivity and ensuring collaboration security.

Flexible Policies

To achieve advanced governance, IT requires flexible policies without burdensome manual configuration. PowerSuite supports right-size policies with adaptive scopes and flexible enforcement, relying on intelligent policy creation.

Avoid Over-Permissioned Admins

With collaboration security & governance split between multiple consoles, IT & InfoSec require extensive, tenant-wide permissions. PowerSuite unifies the admin experience while offering granular role-based access control, supplemented with Data Access Control to define IT access by organization structure.

Guest Policies

Go beyond basic out-of-the-box policies with Guest Policies designed for advanced governance. Guests are important members of the collaboration ecosystem, yet they represent one of the greatest threat vectors. That’s why putting the proper controls in place is so important. Target high-risk guests, like those coming from public domains or even limit interactions between guests from different companies. PowerSuite’s flexible policies allow IT and InfoSec teams to balance end-user effectiveness and risk exposure.

Team Policies

PowerSuite’s Team Policies are a core component of the overall PowerSuite collaboration security model. IT can use PowerSuite’s framework to create a set of directives that govern allowed settings for teams, from the number of owners, to naming conventions, to access reviews. Granular application of these policies is essential to protecting corporate assets within workstream collaboration platforms, like Microsoft Teams. Once created, these policies apply ubiquitously to all collaboration platforms in use within the enterprise, creating a single source of truth for policy management.


When it comes to the digital workplace, policies are no longer static. These ever-changing policies make it difficult to track and remediate compliance, as what was in compliance yesterday may not be today. PowerSuite scores overall compliance, surfaces problem areas of your organization, and suggests actions to move your company back into the green.

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Save hundreds of thousands of dollars by preempting phone system outages, identifying fraudulent usage of systems, and reducing errors.

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