Reporting & Analytics

Transforming the Troubleshooting Experience

Gain complete visibility of your platform’s environment, transforming the troubleshooting experience and enabling comprehensive operational excellence. We offer reporting and analytics for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack and Skype for Business along with Workplace from Facebook 

Measuring Rollout Success

You’ve made a major investment in brand new collaboration technology such as Slack & Microsoft Teams, but is anyone using it? Ensuring end user adoption is a tricky task, especially when multiple platforms are being used.

Parsing Big Data to Reveal Insights

Troubleshooting is a lengthy and arduous process. Data analytics offer a glimmer of hope, but the volume and complexity of the data available pose challenges for smart management and control of these new platforms.

Detect and Resolve Issues

Reporting can sometimes be a less-glamorous side of the IT equation. However, reporting is invaluable in order to correctly drive accountability and track return on your investment as you deploy Teams, Slack and other platforms. 

Check out our Reporting & Analytics solutions:

Usage & Adoption

In order to achieve full collaboration platforms ROI, you need to measure active versus plan usage and see how it is trending in your environment. PowerSuite’s Usage and Adoption compares usage between platforms and provides a unique and aggregated user experience visualization. Importantly, user behavior can be broken down by group, by custom tag, or even by individual. PowerSuite collects and analyzes a wide variety of datapoints, from usage modalities to app store integrations to collaboration behavior. IT can strategically use this data to correlate with overall platform rollout goals as well as service availability issues.


PowerSuite’s crowd-sourced benchmarking functionality is unique in the industry because it allows IT to compare key platform metrics against other departments, other PowerSuite organizations, or other collaboration platforms. PowerSuite Benchmarking helps you know what success looks like and quickly identify areas for improvement.

Call Reporting

PowerSuite’s Call Reporting for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Skype for Business offers both a set of prepackaged reports (devices, conferences, voice and video quality, call failures, sharing functionality, and more), as well as an easy UI for creating customized queries. In addition to standard native platform data, Call Reporting utilizes unique PowerSuite-generated datapoints, part of our patented system. This enables troubleshooting assistance without having to write any complex, code-based queries.

System Troubleshooting

To simplify the troubleshooting puzzle, PowerSuite offers the Operations Dashboard. This solution leverages our patented technology algorithms to identify the top problem areas, including: outdated Wi-Fi drivers or client versions, incorrect protocol usage, inconsistent wireless internals, and server communications. The resulting telemetry guides IT through the optimal set of steps to keep systems running strong. Operations Dashboard offers detailed geo-heatmap drill downs, as well as global filtering visibility for all platforms.

Problem Management

Even the most well-managed collaboration and communications environments still have regular issues that challenge IT’s ability to efficiently prioritize their troubleshooting process. PowerSuite’s Insights Center creates a centralized hub for IT to view a prioritized list of technical and system-related problems requiring attention, along with a clear way to track progress towards resolution. PowerSuite uses machine learning, a continuously evolving set of rules, and proprietary technology algorithms to detect system anomalies for all platforms. Insights Center highlights the most critical issues in a ranked priority list and helps reduce TCO, letting IT choose when, how, and who will fix these key issues, based on time and resource demands.

Service Reviews

The PowerSuite Service Health dashboard gives your IT service manager the power to visualize key information across the complete collaboration and communications service. Service reviews work in accordance with all platforms. Service Health surfaces core KPIs on overall system health to enable informed decisions and initiate problem resolution.

Software & Services

Blow right past proactive and predictive support of complex platforms with a solution that accelerates end user satisfaction and effectiveness.

Save hundreds of thousands of dollars by preempting phone system outages, identifying fraudulent usage of systems, and reducing errors.

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