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Take control of room system issues with a proactive approach for better, smarter, and faster problem resolution.

Holistic Room Experience

A constant stream of alerts for room issues creates chaos for IT. Moreover, it fails to give IT a real picture of how rooms across the enterprise are performing. PowerSuite takes a different approach, analyzing the overall room experience. Analyze trends in service availability of rooms and proactively track problem rooms before end users call in with an issue.

Problem Management

An issue with a room is unlikely to be an isolated event. When IT’s primary method of dealing with room problems is fixings issues as they occur, they often miss the bigger picture. Identify systemic issues impacting multiple rooms with PowerSuite.

Check out our Room Systems solutions:

Room Monitoring & Problem Management

Are conference rooms up and running? Fully-functioning room systems are essential to business, as they impact more users than any other type of endpoint. PowerSuite’s Room Monitoring solution takes the guesswork out of managing service availability for rooms. Beyond basic up/down functionality, PowerSuite surfaces incident trends over time and highlights common issues for rapid resolution.

Room Experience Tracking

PowerSuite’s Tracking Dashboard allows IT to track conferences for a targeted set of rooms, often for a particular site. This allows for proactive troubleshooting to understand what is creating the poor call experience, and how best to address and resolve the issue. The dashboard also enables a direct drill-down into the PowerSuite Help Desk dashboard for further troubleshooting.

Software & Services

Blow right past proactive and predictive support of complex platforms with a solution that accelerates end user satisfaction and effectiveness.

Save hundreds of thousands of dollars by preempting phone system outages, identifying fraudulent usage of systems, and reducing errors.

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