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Analyze the communications experience of the end user from the desktop backwards to the cloud, ensuring ‘final mile’ user satisfaction and ongoing system effectiveness

User Satisfaction Struggles

Technology changes are disruptive for end users, and the shift to new collaboration platforms is no exception. Surveys show that more than two thirds of companies rolling out new collaboration or communications platforms cite user satisfaction concerns as the most important factor preventing strong adoption.

Last Mile Quality of Experience

Disruption can lead to lack of confidence – or worse, non-usage – that can stop your collaboration transformation in its tracks. PowerSuite analyzes the communications experience of the end user from the users’ desktop backwards to the cloud, ensuring ‘final mile’ user satisfaction and ongoing system effectiveness.

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Without PowerSuite, troubleshooting is a time-consuming, guess and check experience. Our Help Desk solution analyzes user and system behavior, often in real-time, to deliver quick, end user-centric forensics for all platforms. These allow tier 1 and 2 support professionals to easily gain access to many of the typical scenarios experienced by end-users. Our technology uses advanced heuristics to provide diagnostic input and remediation guidance.

User Satisfaction

When users experience poor call quality, or glitchy conferencing, they don’t typically call the help desk – they simply find an alternative way to talk. Unhappy users create UC transformation roadblocks, lower your expected ROI, and slow employee productivity. PowerSuite’s User Satisfaction tracks user rating against IT goals and benchmarks user satisfaction as compared to other organizations.

Executive Experience Tracking

PowerSuite’s Tracking Dashboard allows IT to track calls and conferences for a targeted set of users, usually executives or other VIPs, during a specified time. This allows for proactive troubleshooting to understand who on the call is creating the poor call experience, and how best to address and resolve the issue. The dashboard also enables a direct drill-down into the PowerSuite Help Desk dashboard for further troubleshooting on all collaboration platforms.

Software & Services

Blow right past proactive and predictive support of complex platforms with a solution that accelerates end user satisfaction and effectiveness.

Save hundreds of thousands of dollars by preempting phone system outages, identifying fraudulent usage of systems, and reducing errors.

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