Workflow Automation

User Onboarding Issues
Onboarding new users is tedious and errors can be costly. Determining which groups, teams, and channels a new user should belong to is confusing and PowerSuite helps simplify and accelerate the process of adding new users. Automated processes improve provisioning accuracy and speed, taking what can be a complex process and packaging it up into a single, optimized, and pre-bundled executable.
Collab Workspace Sprawl
When end users have an idea for a new group or channel, they create it. If they find they’re not using it, they abandon it rather than delete it. This leads to a mess of unused channels that makes searching for the right channel a daunting task. PowerSuite helps enable both IT and end users to better manage the entire lifecycle of teams and channels. Automation streamlines what would otherwise become a tiresome and ongoing cleanup process.

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