Workflow Automation

Transforming your Workspace Lifecycle

Simple and streamlined workflows allow IT and end users to work better, smarter, and faster to optimize and orchestrate their collaboration platforms and workspaces.

User Onboarding Issues

Onboarding new users is tedious and errors can be costly. Determining which groups, teams, and channels a new user should belong to is confusing and PowerSuite helps simplify and accelerate the process of adding new users. Automated processes improve provisioning accuracy and speed, taking what can be a complex process and packaging it up into a single, optimized, and pre-bundled executable.

Collab Workspace Sprawl

When end users have an idea for a new group or channel, they create it. If they find they’re not using it, they abandon it rather than delete it. This leads to a mess of unused channels that makes searching for the right channel a daunting task. PowerSuite helps enable both IT and end users to better manage the entire lifecycle of teams and channels. Automation streamlines what would otherwise become a tiresome and ongoing cleanup process.

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User Provisioning

The need to constantly and efficiently provision a never-ending set of users (along with their settings and associated global compliance policies) can lead to IT inefficiencies and errors. PowerSuite’s rules-based provisioning workflows allow IT to easily execute policy compliance globally, maintain audit logs for tracking and reporting, and automate end user rule exceptions. The results are dramatic risk reduction of manual errors and noncompliance fees and noticeable user satisfaction improvement. This solution works in collaboration with all platforms.

Workspace Lifecycle Management

The problem of sprawl is an omnipresent headache and potential threat for IT when dealing with collaboration workspaces. The solution is a system enabling management of the workspaces from birth to expiration and deletion. PowerSuite allows both IT and end users to create workflows to help keep workspaces, channels and teams under control and constantly up to date. The result is teams who work better, smarter, and faster to optimize and orchestrate their collaboration platforms and workspaces. [This solution is coming soon for all platforms].

Software & Services

Blow right past proactive and predictive support of complex platforms with a solution that accelerates end user satisfaction and effectiveness.

Save hundreds of thousands of dollars by preempting phone system outages, identifying fraudulent usage of systems, and reducing errors.

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