“Building Block” Service Categories
  • Strategy and Design
    • Business Case
    • Architecture & Design
    • Network Assessment Services
    • Cloud Planning & Design

    UC Strategy and Design

    Getting started may seem like an uphill battle, but we’re here to help. Not only can we build the Business Case for your UC design, but we’ll also capture the technical details that define your Architecture and Design, including Cloud Planning and Design to build in aspects of Skype for Business Online. We also offer Video RightTrack to help enterprises migrate and/or onboard Skype for Business video for use in hybrid or cloud environments. Most important of all, our Network Assessment Services ensure that your VoIP system is properly SDN-enabled and set-up for success on your corporate WAN and WiFi architecture.  Our Strategy and Design Services arm you with a Skype for Business design and unified communications strategy that set you on the path to procure hardware and build your UC Implementation and Deployment plan.

  • Implementation and Deployment
    • Infrastructure Build
    • Skype for Business Online
    • PBX/PSTN Migration
    • Skype for Business Cloud

    UC Implementation, Deployment and Integration

    Once you’re ready to start deploying Skype for Business, you’ll need to focus on Infrastructure Builds and Skype for Business PBX/PSTN Integration, which are no small undertaking. Our consulting service gets down in the details to not only set up servers, but to build documentation and write the scripts needed for a productive UC implementation and deployment – set up for positive Skype for Business user experience satisfaction, and adoption. We also detail protocols, execute test plans, validate disaster recovery, deliver pilot deployments, and ensure your existing PBX/PSTN will integrate with SfB/Lync successfully. If your goals include a Skype for Business Online Migration, we can easily install user authentication and directory synchronization whether on-premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid. We also offer our Skype for Business Cloud PBX/CCE Pilot Service to help you run and test small pilots for accelerating full-scale Skype for Business Online rollouts.

  • User Experience
    • User Adoption Strategy
    • Hypercare
    • Exec/Admin Onboarding
    • Training Communications

    Skype for Business User Adoption

    No doubt about it – negative user perception negatively impacts Skype for Business user adoption. We have a Skype for Business user experience solution set that addresses the most common roadblocks to Skype for Business user satisfaction. Our Hypercare services provide proactive user engagement and coaching during the initial stages of the voice transformation and Executive Onboarding targets high stakes audiences with the appropriate level of engagement required for success. We offer a complete set of Training and Communications content to help deployments succeed out of the gate. When combined with our User Adoption Strategy, which helps build the programmatic structure for a successful outcome, our attention to user satisfaction helps detect issues and propose resolutions based on satisfaction scores (NSAT) while monitoring key performance data.

  • Analytics and Operations
    • System Health Maintenance
    • Operation & Site Readiness
    • Capacity & Usage Analytics
    • Custom Reporting

    UC Analytics and Operations Management

    While Strategy and Design are critical to “get it right” out the door, the real-time nature of ongoing Skype for Business operations places strict requirements on underlying UC management resources to ensure the overall health of the system. To help you better understand the types of issues you may encounter, our communication consulting services include several UC business analytics offerings to guide you in planning, testing, and monitoring your Skype for Business design. Our System Health Maintenance is an ongoing service that leverages our UC software to not only monitors your environment, but also provides UC business analytics and reporting, specifically around warning situations and capacity trending. If you need help assessing your Operational Readiness, our unified communications consultants will work alongside your engineers to help manage user and system issues, build server maintenance procedures, help tune SCOM alerts, and plan disaster recovery procedures. For specific Capacity and Usage concerns, we offer a service that simulates concurrent calls over a specific period to validate your UC service. This is followed by a report that highlights UC design problem areas, solutions, and a readiness score. Lastly, our Skype for Business consulting offering includes Custom Reporting if you need views of the CDR, QoE or SDN data captured by SfB to help improve usage statistics, voice quality, or other areas to perfect your unified communications strategy.UC Analytics and Operations Management

Signature Services

UC Lifecycle 360 TM

We created this flexible, fully customizable service for organizations that need one or more dedicated unified communications consultants to deliver continual global operational excellence. Let our experts work across your organization to ensure IT staff and business decision makers have the right information and tools to keep moving forward as Skype for Business evolves and expands. We also offer cloud managed services for those who need 24×7 help maintaining SfB operations.

UC RightTrack TM

No matter the level of Skype for Business expertise, sometimes it can still be difficult to plot the optimal course forward. Our unified communications consultants will assess your current situation and business goals and then apply industry and Unify Square best practices to develop a customized, ready-for-execution approach unique to your environment. In 30 days or less, we will kick-start your UC transformation and get you on track with the detailed Skype for Business solution that’s right for you.

Office 365 Cloud Transformation Service TM

Our communications consulting services help you wade through the many choices to find the right solution based on your current technology or deployment and to evaluate whether a full cloud implementation is appropriate for your business. We provide guidance on everything from business case analysis for Skype for Business Online to Office 365 cloud migration and onboarding. We also help with strategy for integrating with Skype Broadcast, PSTN Conferencing, and Cloud PBX services.

User Adoption

Technology changes are disruptive for end users. Our Skype for Business consultants work with you to explore and implement options to get your SfB deployment accepted across the organization. Using our User Satisfaction solution to survey users, we help you understand the issues, make recommendations, and initiate the changes that enable your workforce. Our scientific, best practices approach educates your employees and delivers organizational communications and operational flows so your deployment becomes business as usual and you recognize cost savings early in your Skype for Business transformation.

UC Network Assessment Service

As part of an overall cloud readiness assessment, this service conducts a WAN and WiFi network assessment for hybrid and cloud environments. In a new partnership with Kollective, this service also offers an add-on option for a Network Readiness test for Skype Meeting Broadcast media streaming.

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