Managing and Monitoring Network Performance

When it comes to delivering a healthy UC solution across a global network, IT teams are often tasked with managing and monitoring the system to meet specific SLAs. Often, these management tasks include such things as conducting fault analyses, provisioning the network and related network devices, and maintaining a basic Quality of Service (QoS) level. Network performance monitoring involves keeping abreast of the performance of the network at all times. Commonly-measured network performance indicators include response time, availability, and up-time, as well as consistency and reliability.

Examples of network monitoring include periodically requesting that a web server fetch a page, or sending a text message via SMTP and trying to retrieve it via IMAP or POP3. When a network fault or failure is encountered, network monitoring solutions can automatically take action, by sending an alert to the System Administrator via email or text message, by registering an alert in a UC systems monitoring software suite, or by launching an automatic fail-over system to bypass the faulty component.



When it comes to unified communications (UCC), Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, voice quality monitoring needs to be incorporated into the equation. Teams and Skype for Business call quality is especially important to a successful deployment to enhance user satisfaction, along with ensuring that data packets aren’t dropped in any unified communications (UC) session.

Voice monitoring software monitors the network for a variety of issues that may be due to overloaded or crashed network connections or devices, or network traffic and bandwidth used on specific computers and routers.

By establishing a performance baseline and regularly monitoring the performance of its network, an organization will always have current information about how the network is operating. When troubleshooting problems that come up, network engineers can use the network performance baseline in their troubleshooting, to help them easily identify the source of those problems.

Another advantage to monitoring network performance is that, in addition to identifying problems with the network, monitoring performance provides an organization with the data necessary to project future growth.

Unify Square equips IT teams with all the data necessary for delivering Teams and Skype for Business operational excellence. Our PowerSuiteTM solutions utilize synthetic transactions to regularly mimic typical end user call behavior to detect and prioritize incidents before they occur. Our Consulting Services deliver customized strategies for UC solutions and how best to determine your monitoring requirements. And, for organizations with limited IT bandwidth, our cloud managed services can monitor the Teams and Skype for Business network.

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