PowerSuite delivers real UC value in six key solution categories:

Skype for Business and Teams Provisioning

The bigger your enterprise, the higher the likelihood of troublesome independent telephony silos. In the day-to-day Skype for Business (SfB) and Teams world, this means widely varied methods for tracking and executing telephony-related requests, leading to increased TCO. It’s time to get standardized and streamlined and start cutting costs.

Our PowerSuiteTM provisioning solutions fully automate up to 95% of the managing, assigning, changing, and deleting of phone numbers and endpoint devices. By enabling your IT team to apply enterprise-wide provisioning rules and exceptions, your help desk escalations decrease, your organization remains compliant, and you reap significant cost benefits on a global scale.Skype for Business UC Provisioning

PowerSuite Provisioning Solutions

Device Management

Extending beyond the core PowerSuite user provisioning capabilities for Teams, Skype for Business and Skype for Business Online, the Device Management solution focuses on core capabilities to allow IT to apply PowerSuite’s single pane of glass concept to the monitoring, reporting, troubleshooting and management of certified IP Phones (Yealink and Polycom ) and UC endpoint devices such as Jabra.   IT can remotely install firmware updates, configure and manage device settings. This solution will expand to cover other vendor products (e.g. Audiocodes, Plantronics, etc.)



Phone Number Management

Its finally time to decrease the manual chaos and move beyond using spreadsheets to manage your UC DID’s, directories and extensions. Liberate your IT team with fully automated and greatly simplified provisioning. Maintaining Skype for Business, Skype for Business Online & Teams enterprise-wide can skyrocket the volume of phone number tickets your IT team manages.

With our Phone Number Management solution, you can resolve the day-to-day administrative tasks for hundreds of thousands of voice-enabled accounts from a single interface, while reducing the number of help desk escalations. The solution fully integrates with Active Directory allowing for easy on-boarding and off-boarding of users. Automating provisioning eliminates almost all provisioning support tickets, saving your enterprise significant time and money.

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Provisioning and Policy Compliance Management

Maintain a UC compliant workforce. Microsoft’s UC platform does not include native capabilities to efficiently provision thousands of users and endpoint devices, along with their settings and associated global compliance policies.

Our rules-based Provisioning and Policy Compliance Management solution allows IT to easily execute policy compliance globally, maintain audit logs for tracking and UC reporting, and automate end user rule exceptions. The result is dramatic risk reduction of manual errors and noncompliance fees and noticeable user satisfaction improvement.

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From the UC Library

PowerSuite Overview

Learn more about our integrated Skype for Business operations solutions software suite.

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UC Network Assessment Service

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Accelerate to a healthy UC run-state

Take control of your UC environment and go from zero to actionable insights in hours, by quickly deploying PowerSuite. With 360-degree, single-pane visibility and monitoring of your operations, identifying ways to improve service quality and health has never been so easy. PowerSuite’s real-time information delivery of system and end user-focused metrics will help turn you into an IT hero.

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360 degree visibility

Provides a “single pane of glass” view of the SfB & Teams ecosystem and identifies opportunities to achieve a healthy run state at scale

Multiple roles

Aligns specific solutions with SfB & Teams IT roles and adds value across the full deployment lifecycle

Right time, right focus

Delivers an ideal cadence of real-time and historical data based on the proper balance of system and end user telemetry

Cloud services

Ensures SfB & Teams is monitored and managed regardless of server location

Maximize UC Performance

In 60 minutes or less, discover how PowerSuiteTM can open up a whole new world of Skype for Business & Teams optimization for your organization.

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