PowerSuite delivers real UC value in six key solution categories:

Skype for Business Reporting

Skype for Business reporting can sometimes be the less glamorous side of the UC cost equation. However, in order to correctly drive accountability and track ROI benefits, SfB reporting is invaluable. Skype for Business generates vast amounts of data, tracking details of calls, and conferences. Buried here is priceless information that can improve planning, speed transformation, and pinpoint areas ripe for improvement.

Our PowerSuiteTM Reporting solutions (hosted on Microsoft Azure) surface the right SfB metrics at the right time, providing global visibility about the environment, and benchmarking within and across the enterprise, so that IT can best allocate responsibilities, resources, and personnel.UC Skype for Business Reporting

PowerSuite Reporting Solutions

Executive Dashboard

Skype for Business is your strategic UC platform, but are you are you getting all the ROI benefits it offers? PowerSuite’s Executive Dashboard solution lets you track and accelerate the progress of active, enabled, and targeted SfB usage for conferencing, and voice users, and also tracks the progress of voice transformed sites. It’s an easy place to visualize the full adoption profile of your entire enterprise. The Dashboard even lets you track the legacy run-rate of the conferencing or PBX platform from which you’re migrating. You benefit from global filtering visibility (also available in the Usage and Adoption Dashboard) resulting in a service utilization index which measures what parts of the SfB system are being used on a weekly or monthly basis.

Usage and Adoption Dashboard

You’ve made the investment in Skype for Business, but you can’t stop there. In order to fully benefit, you need to measure active usage versus plan and see how SfB usage is trending in your environment. Our Usage and Adoption Dashboard solution provides a unique and aggregated Skype for Business User Experience visual angle (including global filtering visibility) on call counts, active users, user types (internal, external, or federated), SfB modality usage (IM, audio, video, data sharing, app sharing), and client usage (desktop, Mac, iOS, Room Edition) across any deployment, whether it be on-prem, or in the cloud. IT can strategically use this data to correlate with overall SfB roll-out goals as well as service availability issues.

Call Explorer

Need a quick, flexible and easy way to visualize key data and patterns in your Skype for Business and Skype for Business Online usage with respect to diagnostic information and metrics? The Call Explorer solution offers both a set of pre-packaged reports (devices, conferences, voice and video quality, call failures, sharing functionality and more) as well as an easy UI for creating customized queries (utilizing both unique PowerSuite,as well as standard SfB datapoints) for troubleshooting assistance, without having to write any complex code-based queries. Easily create a functional histogram of your Skype for Business SDN data by diving deep and searching your call records for new insights to drive increased SfB health.

Billing Records

Mapping usage-based allocation of Skype for Business call details back to the responsible business units and departments can be a core accounting requirement, especially in larger businesses. Our Billing Records solution is a foundational SfB answer to simplify call accounting and cost allocation. This starter solution for SfB billing allows IT to easily monitor outbound calling and both inbound and outbound conferencing activity, identify which SfB costs should be billed to which department or employee, and review details like call counts and durations.

Site Center

In order to truly benefit from all the productivity enhancements provided by Skype for Business an enterprise needs to have fully deployed all of the modalities (including voice) of this UC workload. The Site Center solution extends and complements the Unify Square STA (Site Transformation Acceleratorᵀᴹ) Add-On Service by providing an IT-oriented set of views and telemetry which highlight site readiness, site verification and site transformation status metrics. Site Center allows IT to accurately project and track (on a global basis) the evolution and adoption of SfB across the entire enterprise.

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Accelerate to a healthy UC run-state

Take control of your UC environment and go from zero to actionable insights in hours, by quickly deploying PowerSuite. With 360-degree, single-pane visibility and monitoring of your Skype for Business operations, identifying ways to improve service quality and health has never been so easy. PowerSuite’s real-time information delivery of system and end user-focused metrics will help turn you into an IT hero.

360 degree visibility

Provides a “single pane of glass” view of the SfB ecosystem and identifies opportunities to achieve a healthy run state at scale

Multiple roles, multiple lifecycles support

Aligns specific solutions with SfB IT roles and adds value across the full deployment lifecycle

Right time, right focus

Delivers an ideal cadence of real-time and historical data based on the proper balance of system and end user telemetry

Enhanced cloud services

Ensures SfB is monitored and managed regardless of server location

Maximize UC Performance

In 30 minutes or less, discover how PowerSuiteTM can open up a whole new world of Skype for Business optimization for your organization.

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