UC-Core Technology
Unified Communications Technology

UC-CoreTM is essentially the Google Analytics of Skype for Business and Teams, collecting big data and serving up unique insights to benefit Unify Square customers. Our UC technology is the centerpiece of an enterprise-scale data warehouse hosted on Azure, built on a Hadoop-based Apache Hive/HDInsight platform, and delivered as a set of low cost, high performance solutions. UC-Core’s advanced analytics, AI technology and proprietary clustering algorithms enable data mining for fast on-demand reporting regardless of the data set size. The system uses not only data feeds from Skype for Business QoE and CDR records, but also from Active Directory, mapping technologies, the Microsoft SDN API, and other data sources.

UC-Core implements proprietary synthetic transaction processes across a distributed SaaS infrastructure spanning multiple global data centers, to provide proactive real-time monitoring for your entire SfB system. Millions of tests are executed every minute to measure service availability (not just system availability). This synthetic system is unique in the industry delivering a) actionable operational workflows (vs just alerts which just create extra system ‘noise’) created by our synthetic transaction bots; b) quick and simple deployment; and c) mimicked SfB behaviors (vs only probe-like behaviors) which don’t exactly match real SfB user usage patterns. Proprietary UC-Core algorithms filter for total potential user impact of the whole SfB system by examining historic statistical markers across all sites and helping to prioritize actionability.

UC-Core features a built-in rules and analytics engine to monitor overall media quality – the absence of latency, jitter, and other media distortions. This engine allows our Monitoring solutions to measure the call quality at a per-user, per-endpoint level as well as at a system level. UC-Core aggregates data across the SfB environment and leverages machine learning algorithms to deliver statistical comparisons for different sites and identification of trends and patterns. The ability to simultaneously view and diagnose SfB and network infrastructure issues affecting call quality is critical to the overall health of a UC system.

Many different factors can contribute to the overall satisfaction of Skype for Business users. UC-Core technology uses a complex set of heuristics and operational processes and a patented user satisfaction bot system to sample end user populations on a regular basis and arrive at a standardized user satisfaction (NSAT) score. This user satisfaction score becomes a powerful predictor of and trailing index for overall SfB system health as perceived by end users. UC-Core is unique and innovative in the industry for the application of satisfaction as part of overall UC system operations management.

The ability to measure and compare overall UC system health as well as overall user experience is a key advantage to ensure overall end user satisfaction. UC-Core technology creates a set of unique system and end user indices. These indices measure and compare the way your SfB system is being used and how it is performing. The technology also provides insights by location, network classification, and user which feed key telemetry into our User Experience solutions. The results facilitate data-driven capacity planning, reporting, and scoring to right-size your infrastructure spend.

UC-Core offers a proprietary algorithm, which creates a unique crowdsourced aggregated benchmarking system which allows IT to quickly understand how their environments are performing relative to SfB-using peer companies. The ability to test, analyze, and showcase how well a given SfB system is performing versus SfB customers globally, based on key parameters and scenarios, is unmatched in the UC industry. PowerSuite can securely compare data on call quality, service availability and user satisfaction and will eventually extend into everything from conferencing usage through to active voice users, allowing administrators to make quick adjustments to systems, user training and education, and overall UC transformation pace.Unified Communications Technology


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