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Unified Communications Industry Solutions

Banking and Financial Services
As virtual banking and mobile investing make more demands on financial institutions, the need for Skype for Business to create seamless, high-quality connections in a secure, uninterrupted environment is high. It’s critical these communications aren’t latent and provide quality voice experiences with financial experts. To help meet these requirements, Unify Square offers solutions to monitor the health and reliability of Skype for Business, while at the same time ensure the security and user satisfaction of both bank employees and their customers. We help deliver quality communications, so you can continue building trusted relationships with your customers.

Consumer Packaged Goods
Skype for Business can play a monumental role in the development of consumer packaged goods by increasing the pace of innovation as voice and video enable global companies to collaborate within the enterprise as well as to gather consumer feedback. Unify Square empowers Skype for Business as the communication method by which goods come to market through its ability to deliver quality voice experiences and always-available system up-times.

Digital citizens and digital workers are the new norm. Government agencies who turn to Skype for Business have the advantage of reaching citizens, who may be using Microsoft Skype, and co-workers quickly and cost-effectively. Access to government officials requires voice and video to work flawlessly, often for time-sensitive information to be shared. Unify Square ensures Skype for Business (regardless if its being run on-prem, in the cloud, or in hybrid mode) does not experience interruptions and that voice communication is delivered with clarity. Whether it be an emergency broadcast, a local Town Hall, or Q&A with the governor, we help you deliver reliable Skype for Business experiences.

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical
Skype for Business has opened doors in the medical industry between doctors, patients and medical staff. Microsoft UC technology provides easy access through voice and video for critical information exchanges, but it’s dependent on the technology to deliver consistent service and availability. Unify Square ensures Skype for Business provides clear communications no matter what device patient or doctor use. This “first-time-right” guarantee is essential when someone’s life or even the development of a new drug depend on quality connections.

Manufacturing and Logistics
Time to market can make or break a brand or product and Skype for Business accelerates production by making it easy to communicate through voice and video. Unify Square plays an important role in guaranteeing that Skype for Business is always available and that users have positive experiences in the communication needed for the production and shipping of goods.

In today’s fast-paced world, Skype for Business provides accessible communication. This instant communications requirement is paramount for the energy industry, where being able to quickly report status and receive updates keep operations moving. Unify Square ensures these communications are available 24/7 with solutions that monitor the network for calls dropping or voice quality faltering. With Unify Square even oil drillers on rigs far out to sea can be assured that their Skype for Business communications will be of the highest quality.

Utility workers, whether in the field or at the office, rely on timely Skype for Business exchanges to problem solve and ensure service for hundreds of thousands of people. Unify Square makes Skype for Business a reliable mode of communication by assessing network glitches and providing guidance for improving the critical communications that must occur to resolve issues impacting public facing systems and resources.Unified Communications Industry

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