Workplace Analytics:
Quantifying the Collaboration Bet

Challenge: Workplace Analytics Visibility
Managing digital workplaces remains one of the most difficult IT tasks. This challenge is exacerbated by the decreasing modes of IT visibility into the performance and usage of the end-user computing environment.
Challenge: Impact & Engagement Measurement:
Even when Workstream Collaboration solutions are in place, organizations still find themselves with collaboration challenges. IT needs to find connections between work patterns and indicators of team health, like engagement and connectivity.
Challenge: Collaboration Overkill
Employees distracted by Collaboration apps can pose a real security risk. Even small end-user lapses in attention can lead to sensitive information being mistakenly exposed to an external party, potentially doing real harm.
Challenge: AppStore Add-on Confusion
App sprawl leads to fragmentation and confusion. Conflicting user preferences and systems choices lead to the use of multiple tools and platforms throughout the day to get the work done.
Challenge: Collaboration Effectiveness Measurement
The quality of digital interactions has a direct impact on workforce productivity. IT is challenged to ensure that their environment is delivering a positive experience despite no longer directly managing business-critical technologies?

Is Your Collaboration Investment Yielding Real ROI?

Workplace Analytics enables businesses to use data from various cloud-based platforms such as Slack, Zoom, and Teams to identify collaboration patterns that impact productivity and workforce effectiveness. Leveraging these analytics, organizations can change business practices to improve employee experience and sharpen their focus on customers.  But are you getting the most from your collaboration platform investments?

Workplace Analytics

PowerSuite provides Workplace Analytics for the core Workstream Collaboration platforms:  Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Workplace by Facebook. By focusing solely on these platforms and their various data sources, we provide IT visibility into organizational usage & adoption – the checks and balances that employees are using the correct collaboration tool for the right project. 

PowerSuite software creates a unified set of dashboards to reveal actionable insights and help monitor, analyze, and manage your collaboration and communications platforms.

Gartner highlights Workplace Analytics as a growing enterprise focus due to the need for businesses to take a data-driven approach to improve and validate employee collaboration.  In its 2019 HypeCycle for Unified Workspaces, Gartner named Unify Square as one of its top 10 vendors to watch in this space. 

Collaboration Security

Workstream collaboration is positioned as an open model, aligned with the communication patterns of the younger digital generation. Workplace Analytics data highlight how users are empowered to dynamically create teams & channels, inviting others as members to share and collaborate on ideas and documents. While this model may appeal to digital information workers, it simultaneously creates Collaboration Security blind spots and governance risks for IT teams. Learn more about how PowerSuite helps information security teams manage and mitigate collaboration security risks.  

Collaboration Data Source Cornucopia

PowerSuite aggregates people, technology and process information from a wide variety of data sources to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive Workplace Analytics.

By capturing details about usage trends & workforce performance to help improve decision-making for IT, identify communication & training opportunities, increase organizational efficiency, facilitate culture change, and extend the value and productivity of employees.

Say Goodbye to Collaboration Bottlenecks

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PowerSuite software creates a unified set of dashboards to reveal actionable insights and help monitor, analyze, and manage your collobartion and communications platforms.

How We’re Different with our Workplace Analytics Solutions

Collaboration Laser Focus

True to our mission, PowerSuite Workplace Analytics zero in on ONLY collaboration or communications platforms, and related data sources.

Beyond IT

PowerSuite  targets workspace department heads (in addition to IT) to help democratize Workplace Analytics insights and utility.    

Extend Native Platforms

PowerSuite embraces, extends, and simplifies the story by offering a single enhanced solution, which allows for analytics visibility across all platforms.

PowerSuite Workplace Analytics in Action​

Active Usage Benchmarking

Highlights and compares a set of simple usage metrics (e.g. total active workspace, percentage of active users, etc.) on a per department, per geo or per company basis. The “usage” metric can be compared either internally, or externally (anonymized) to other companies to gauge the penetration and success of the WSC deployment.   

Security Assessment Graph

A roll-up of the “riskiest” workspaces per WSC platform and per department assessed based on an algorithmic combination of sprawl, stale guests, number of owners/team, frequency of posting, amount of content in the workspace, etc.

Continuous User Segmentation

Categorizing users into observable groups/personas based on their workstyles and mobility needs, for example:

  • Excluded:  Never logged in, no account, ignores invitation
  • Disengaged: Rarely logs on
  • Observer: Logs on regularly and reads, but rarely posts/replies
  • Participant: Logs on and regularly submits comments/replies
  • Contributor: Logs on an regularly submits original posts and also comments/replies

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PowerSuite software creates a unified set of dashboards to reveal actionable insights and help monitor, analyze, and manage your collaboration and communications platforms.

With a single tool to better understand your Workplace Analytics across multiple platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom, Skype for Businesss and Workplace by Facebook Powersuite provides a single pane of glass to really understand your ROI and effectiveness of these new tools.   


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