Workstream Collaboration is the new Unified Communications

 Gartner predicts that by 2022, 70% of teams will “rely primarily on workstream collaboration (WSC) to get their work done every day,” making it a $4.9 billion market.  

The integrated interface between unified communications (UC) and digital workspaces into workstream collaboration has created a window of opportunity for applications optimized for user productivity. Every business requires efficient communication, however enterprises also need to maximize their collaboration efforts and leverage their digital workspaces for optimal success.  Workstream collaboration permeates modern businesses, regardless of size, location, or industry. 

How can workstream collaboration help you?

The integration of real-time communication services such as voice, instant messaging, web & video conferencing, and the presence of information with non-real-time communication services like voicemail, email, fax, and collaboration services has helped create more dynamic enterprise platforms. 

Now, in an environment where business practices have become increasingly global and remoteworkstream collaboration allows work to happen from every point of the globe, in-office or out-of-office. This freedom of mobility brings on a new wave of real-time employee collaboration to transform your business for the most productive and secure experience.  

Workstream collaboration application screens.

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About Unify Square

Unify Square’s software and services optimize and enhance the world’s largest collaboration and communication deployments, helping businesses manage and secure their meetings, chats & calls.

Our PowerSuite™ software creates a unified dashboard to surface actionable insights and help manage collaboration and communications platforms — optimizing and transforming performance health and user effectiveness.

Which workstream collaboration app is right for you?

Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams, Microsoft’s key cloud collaboration application, has continued to gain ground against other workstream collaboration applications. With Outlook and SharePoint compatibility, Microsoft Teams can integrate seamlessly with core business practices. This means no longer having to juggle multiple communication platforms or track hundreds of notifications.  

Slack: Slack has held a dominant position in the workstream collaboration market with their “collaboration hub” application, the first of its kind. With extensive 3rd party application integration, Slack enables a seamless and collaborative workplace environment geared towards teamwork and productivity.  

Zoom: Zoom showcases specialized wireless Zoom Rooms with seamless screen sharing for every OS. Having one of the most scalable video conferencing services, Zoom can allow up to 10,000 users in one meeting. Along with support for 3rd party application integration, Zoom encourages users to find the best way to work for them, rather than for the software.  

Skype for BusinessSkype for Business  offers chat and telephony capabilities, one of the first market entrants in this industry. Skype for Business underwent a series of changes before landing on this comprehensive communication solution. With Instant Messaging, video conferencing, and Office 365 application integration, Skype for Business is an easy solution for your workplace. 

Workplace by Facebook: Workplace by Facebook focuses on the mobile application of workstream collaboration, which shows consistency with their connection-oriented mission. This familiar social networking platform connects chat, conferencing, and collaboration onto an app that has a similar feel to the consumer version that we already know.  

What comes after deployment?

At Unify Square, we not only offer help deploying these workstream collaboration platforms, we also offer continuing management. Our PowerSuite software focuses on user effectiveness, performance, and collaboration security to ensure the most successful collaboration experience for the end user. PowerSuite is a single tool to deliver effective, reliable and secure teamwork across multiple collaboration platforms spanning both cloud and on-prem environments. Gain a panoramic and singular view of all WSC environments, expediting responses to service interruptions and threats. We want to accelerate and transform your digital workplace, providing critical visibility and control, whether that’s with our PowerSuite software, Cloud Managed Services, or Consulting Services

Featuring our Collaboration Security RightTrack™ program

With the introduction of collaboration to your communications stack, there are many additional considerations IT needs to keep in mind. With increased collaboration and visibility, it’s important to reduce risk of security exposures from employees and guests.

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