Collaboration and
Communications Management

One Tool to Manage Hybrid Work

From consulting for migration and solution architecting…software tools for monitoring & managing conferencing and risky collaboration security blind spots…or managed services for 24×7 proactive troubleshooting — we’ve got you covered.

Unify Square provides the market’s most expansive set of software tools and service offerings for Collaboration and UC platforms.

Accelerate & Optimize Collaboration

Ubiquitous video conferencing usage is creating complexity for IT, driving increasing cost and associated support headaches. No matter if you are using Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business or a combination we can help you achieve cost-effective room systems peace of mind.
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The landslide of Microsoft Teams & Slack usage has begun to create risky blind spots, hidden security gotchas of which IT & InfoSec professionals are unaware. Our solutions mitigate risk without inhibiting user efficiencies by balancing user autonomy with data protection & privacy.
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Managing complex collaboration and communication platforms exposes network infrastructure bottlenecks and user experience nightmares. PowerSuite, our machine learning driven anomaly detection software sets you on the front foot ahead of potential system-wide problems.
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Users still make phone calls and dial-tone quality is not easy to track or troubleshoot.  Hiring and retaining fulltime UC operations staff can overwhelm your IT budget, yet you need experience and numbers to manage your complex environment. Say goodbye to user grouchiness – let our 24×7 managed services take over.
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Zoom and Teams analytics exist in a vacuum.  The holy grail is visualizing them in a single view to help change business practices, to improve the employee experience, and to ultimately sharpen focus on your customers.  Measure and then supercharge user productivity by leveraging data to ID optimal collaboration patterns.
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Upgrading and migrating between platforms is a daunting task, even when the new platform vendor tells you it’s going to be “easy.”  We’ll help you plan, deploy and maintain the migration ensuring constant system availability, improving your return on investment, while keeping your users happy at the same time.
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Meet PowerSuite

PowerSuite is IT’s companion tool to orchestrate and deliver effective, reliable, and secure teamwork across multiple collaboration platforms, spanning both cloud and on-premises environments. Gain a simultaneous, panoramic view of all collaboration and communications platforms, expediting responses to service interruptions and threats.

  • Help Desk
  • Benchmarking
  • Usage & Adoption
  • Tracking
  • Problems & Insights
  • Policy Management

Reduce troubleshooting time and improve end-user satisfaction by providing actionable and prescriptive guidance regarding various usage and adoption issues.

Use the power of crowdsourced cloud intelligence to compare anonymized WSC and UC performance KPI’s across multiple sites and between different users and platforms.

Track and accelerate usage for meetings, chats and calls – -visualize the full adoption profile of your entire enterprise.

Identify and track a customized and targeted set of Execs, VIPs or even conference rooms so that IT can stay ahead of any potential issues or problems occurring.

AI/ML analyzes platform data to create a centralized hub to view problems and insights to help prioritize troubleshooting and identify system anomalies.

Leverage PowerSuite’s comprehensive policy framework and functionality to create policies to simultaneously cover ALL collaboration platform security and workflow needs.

The unique PowerSuite technology provides an expansive single-pane of glass view, spanning six different platforms from the top four industry-leading software vendors. Today we provide solutions for Microsoft Teams, Zoom,  Skype for Business and Office 365. Learn More.

Collaboration Management Matters

Workstream collaboration and communications platforms must offer business users a productive, frictionless, easy, and secure set of ever-improving experiences for meetings, chats, and calls.  Unify Square’s set of software and services enables organizations to save hundreds of thousands of dollars by preempting phone system outages, quickly identifying fraudulent system usage, reducing on-boarding errors, and anticipating and mitigating collaboration security risks.

Cross-Platform Health & Stability Assurance for Collaboration Platforms

Are you struggling to track user adoption, manage voice quality and ensure collaboration security across all of your collaboration platforms?

We have a single tool designed to preventively manage multiple platforms.

Are you looking for proactive 24x7x365 dedicated and remote service delivery staffed by communications and collaboration operations experts?

Our expert staff can run your deployments for you.

Are you challenged with the responsibility of evaluating, planning and deploying complex and multifaceted collaboration and communications ecosystems?

We have consultants located all over the globe to help you succeed.

Learn why Knight Frank turned
to PowerSuite to switch over 5,000 users to Microsoft Teams

By utilizing PowerSuite, Knight Frank was able to reduce the time spent on troubleshooting and fixing issues while streamlining processes for their relatively small IT team. PowerSuite provided enhanced visibility into their usage of Microsoft Teams providing new capabilities beyond simple device management for easy diagnostic of quality and service issues.

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